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We have a pet called Buddy, he is a German Shepherd dog. Buddy is 9 years old now, we’ve had him since he was six weeks old.

We have been on an emotional roller coaster with Buddy since he became apart of our family. He was diagnosed with Hip dysplasia at the age of four. He became unwell and had to be investigated, he was then diagnosed with allergies, being allergic to beef and chicken. He has very sensitive skin and has to have medicated shampoo. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer, this was a horrible time for us as a family and tough decisions had to be made resulting in Buddy having to have his toe amputated.  Buddy was spending the night in our local Kennles last November he had only been in there for about two hours before we received a phone call saying we needed to get there urgently Buddy had been in an accident. Poor Buddy had a big cut on his cheek, Ian rushed Buddy to the vets only to be told that he needed to got to theatre to have the Wound cleaned and then it will need stitches.

Buddy is now starting to show his age, he really struggles when getting up, he no longer charges up and down the stairs or around the house and he can no longer go through the night without the need to spend a penny.

Buddy never lets us know that he is uncomfortable if we are asleep and tends to go just by our back door in the conservatory. We never tell Buddy off or make  him feel bad as it is not his fault. We have said it’s not worth changing the carpet as Poor buddy will only continue to suffer with age. We are currently discussing as to whether lino may be an option!

With Buddy suffering with not being able to go through the night without needing to spend a penny we have been trying out different ways to help make him more comfortable. Someone has been staying up later than usual to let him out that extra time before settling down for the night and someone will be up that bit earlier to let him out sooner in the morning. Doing this has helped make Buddy that bit more comfortable and the penny spending by the back door has not happened as much.

With us having carpet in our conservatory this problem has caused horrid smells and stains, to help with this we have been using Mr Muscles Pets. Mr Muscle has extended their range and now include cleaning products for those with pets. Mr Muscles Pets come in two different strengths, you have the choice of super oxy or pro strength. These solutions are suitable for use on carpet, wooden flooring, upholstery and even in the car.

Mr Muscle Pets has been working on the toughest of stains on our carpet, you simply squeeze the amount of liquid needed onto the soiled area, it then works by removing all odours and leaving a fresh scent. Mr Muscle works by breaking down the urine on-contact, penetrating deep into the carpet and completely removes the stain and odour. Leave it for 3-5 minutes to penetrate the stain and then blot the excess moisture with a cloth or paper.

Mr Muscle Pets

Mr Muscle Oxy Action £15.25


Mr Muscle Pets

Mr Muscle Super Oxy Pets £6.50

Mr Muscle Pets is now at hand for any accidents Buddy may have in the future.

***Disclaimer: we was sent the two items above to review, all thoughts and opinions are our own***

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