Stuck With Christmas Leftovers?

Ian is always in charge of picking our Christmas meats for over the Festive period. I like to know we have enough for Boxing Day too as this is a day off from cooking in our house so we just have cold meat and pickles – we like something light as we always over-indulge on Christmas Day on all of our Christmas treats. We still end up with loads of Christmas leftovers as Ian always buys huge lumps of meats – I’m sure he wants our Christmas dinner to see the new year in with us.

What do you do with your Christmas leftovers? This year we have made:

Spaghetti Carbonara

Christmas Leftovers

Christmas pizza

Christmas Leftovers

Christmas Leftovers

Christmas Leftovers


Christmas leftovers

As you can see we always end up with loads of leftovers. In a way I am pleased this happens as I can then meal plan our meals and make the cooking that week so much easier. This releases some of the stress over the festive period leaving room for more family fun time.

I am a carer that works out in the community and was needed back into work but I have been looking forward to coming home and having a nice dinner that has slowly cooked away whilst I’ve been at work. I love coming home to a meal that has been planned and is all ready and waiting to just be served. The last thing I want to be doing as soon as I get home is spending time in the kitchen, especially over the festive week.

Have you ended up with loads of Christmas leftovers?


  1. We were smart this year and ate at my parents so we didn’t have to buy in any meat at all. It made a nice change.

    Gotta say, I love your Christmas pizza! Inspired idea!

  2. We ate at my family’s home this year so no left overs for us. Hope work was ok, I’m a support worker and this is the first Christmas I haven’t worked as I’m on maternity x

  3. We ate at my nans this year as we were flying to Australia boxing day. I love the look of the pizza. I’ve never heard of that leftover recipe before. Such a clever idea x

  4. My favourite is always a bubble and squeak made from the leftover roasties and veg. In fact I now do extra potatoes on the day to make sure there are some left for Boxing Day!

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