Magical Moments

Magical moments

Magical Moments

I was challenged by Vicky from Being Tilly’s Mummy to write about a random act of kindness for the Wayfair #blogitforward campaign. This is a campaign for bloggers, every blog post written about goodwill gestures in December they will donate £50 to Habitat for Humanity. We think this campaign is brilliant, the donated money will go towards helping people out of poverty in the UK so this was a challenge we are more than happy to accept. My act of kindness is about making a Christmas wish come true for an elderly lady that I know (good job I went armed with tissues).

It is that time of year again where the Christmas parties are busy taking place and the hustle and bustles in the shops are driving us mad. It’s also a time of year where lots of magical moments and memories take place.

For some of us we are all busy planning and organising our family meet-ups and meals, sadly for some this is just a wish, sadly not everyone has family close by, there is no family to spend Christmas with, this could be for many reasons. For this dear elderly lady that I know this is because her family emigrated to Australia, she has her son still but sadly he doesn’t live local and only see’s him on a weekend when he is not busy working.

I pop by throughout the week to take her shopping and to see she has everything, I also help out where I can with housework. One thing she does enjoy and that is when we go out for coffee and cake at a cafe, we really put the world to rights and have a laugh, but this isn’t the same for her as having family to do this with. She is a lovely lady who loves and misses her family dearly, she hasn’t seen them now for a long time, she chats with them on the phone once a month which she absolutely loves, looks forward to and speaks about for a long time after which I love listening to.

I have just been to visit her and whilst there I dug out her decorations and Christmas tree, I turned on Christmas music we had a good dance and sing-a-long whilst making her home look Christmassy. She loved decorating the tree and I loved seeing her smile. I then made her a nice cup of tea and got her a mince-pie, we spoke about our Christmas wishes, she wished she could see her family, this is when I handed her my iPad and said you’d better not keep them waiting – I’d arranged with her daughter a time we could video chat so she could see them all for Christmas. it filled my heart with joy seeing her face as she was chatting a way to her daughter and grandchildren, good job I went armed with tissues.

Today was a day I made a lovely lady very happy with memories she will treasure deeply, she got to see her daughter and grandchildren’s faces whilst sat by her tree we’d put up earlier that day.

This just proved that the saying is so true – it’s not whats under the Christmas tree that counts, it’s who is around it that does.

Merry Christmas everybody

May all your wishes come true in 2016



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  • Aww bless you!!!! What an absolutely gorgeous thing to do!!!! This made me feel a little bit teary! I hope the lady’s family know just what a support you are for her — I bet she absolutely treasures your company. Thanks so much for sharing — wishing you and yours a very merry and peaceful Christmas and a happy new year! xx

  • Tori Gabriel


    Awww bless. What a lovely thing to do. Could you set up a Skype session once a week for the future? Sounds like she would love it.

  • Mellissa Williams


    This is a lovely thing to do. You obviously have a big heart and are beautiful inside and out <3

  • diyjahn


    This was a beautiful post…really puts meaning in christmas. Thank you for sharing

  • Kara


    What a fabulous thing to do – love your candle holder too

  • Rachel


    This is a fabulous post and the ending, is so true it isnt what is under it but who is around it x

  • Zena's Suitcase


    Aw, what a really lovely thing to do. I bet that lady was so grateful and your right, it is definitely about who is around you. Happy Christmas

  • What a lovely thing to do – Christmas is definitely about who we are with – not what is spent. Kaz x

  • What a lovely thing to do, I am sure she appreciates you so much x

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