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Preparing Our Home For Christmas

Preparing Our Home For Christmas

Preparing Our Home For Christmas

Yikes, we can now happily say Christmas is only a week away today – Wow where has this year gone, are you excited?

The decorations are up, the tree is nicely decorated, all presents are here ready and under the tree (the boys are now teenagers and no longer believe in Santa so we’ve no need to hide the wrapped gifts anymore.). Our family meet-ups are now booked, work parties have now taken place so all that leaves now is for the kid’s to break up from school today and then we will be busy preparing our home for Christmas.

With visitors now coming and going over the Christmas weekend we want our home to be as welcoming as it can be amongst all the excitement of Christmas. The items listed below have all been tried and tested.

We love mood lighting so these Wicker Star Lights will be perfect and continue to be in high use over the Festive period. We find mood lighting beautiful and relaxing. These natural wicker lights have been made from ethically sourced jungle vine, the vine is then soaked in rainwater until the fibres are lovely and pliable. When ready they are then weaved into this lovely star shape. The LED lighting beaming through the wicker window creates the perfect lighting that is cool to touch. With the two metres of cord length that gives us plenty of cord to decorate where we want.

Preparing Our Home For Christmas

With grandparents coming to visit we like to make sure the floor is clutter free to save from trips and falls. Whilst the floor is clear we will then vacuum quickly using this 170w Bissell PowerGlide Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. This vacumm saves time as it is cordless, meaning we can vacuum the house in no time at all without having to keep going back to get the plug to re-plug somewhere else, what a fantastic time saver. This vacuum cleaner is powerful on carpets and hard floors,  the lift off canister makes all those hard to reach areas easier to reach using the 1.5m hose length. With this vacuum cleaner we get a powerful cordless cleaning experience, with 45 minutes run time via a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. We can easily clean the whole house from top to bottom with this fantastic portable Vacuum cleaner.

Preparing Our Home For Christmas


The last thing we want people smelling when they come through our door is our dinner so we will have this lovely incense candle set burning away before they arrive to make our home smell lovely. This lovely Yin-Yang set will help keep our house smelling lovely over the festive weekend. The set contains incense sticks, incense cones, a lovely Yin-Yang incense holder and a beautiful candle. This set smells amazing.

Preparing The Home For Christmas

To make life easier when offering tea and coffee to our guests we will be able to boil the kettle from the comfort of our sofa using this fantastic new Smarter ikettle. How awesome is this, we will be able to boil the kettle to our chosen temperature and even keep the kettle warm if we wish. The 1.8L capacity 2400w will easily help us cater for our guests. This kettle works on Android 4+ and Apple ios7+. No need to worry if the kettle is empty as the kettle will  tell you via the phone App.

Our Home For Christmas

Will you be having guests over to your house this Christmas?

We would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas

And a very happy new year.


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  • freddieandi


    Lovely blog and ideas x

  • Tori Gabriel


    Is it wrong that I really want the Bissell? I would love a cordless as they sound so m7ch less fuss.

  • diyjahn


    That Ikettle looks awesome! I don’t have an iPhone, but if i did I would totally hop on that.

  • Kara


    Love the look of the iKettle – I would forget to put water in it though

  • Rachel


    Now I am wanting an iKettle having read this, it is like a modern day teasmade x

  • Zena's Suitcase


    I really need that kettle in my life, it’s amazing. I’m really excited for Christmas

  • Love that kettle! I have family over on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, and I still have SO much to do! Kaz x

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