Tears Of Joy

What a weekend – we really struggled to hold back our tears last weekend – tears of joy that is.

Bradley wrote a post a while back about his confidence and how he’s had to overcome some hurdles to get him to this moment, that special moment of stepping out onto the stage and performing to an audience. He done just that on Saturday, he performed the same show/musical twice on Saturday, the musical was called 1989 Remember the 80s and boy did the tears flow. I just couldn’t hold the tears back because I was so proud and I knew how hard he’s had to work to get on that stage. This was his very first performance and it was held at The Wyllyotts Theatre.

Friends have laughed at him and his career choice, made jokes about him and really knocked his confidence. This was awful to see and hear but Brad acted in the best way, he chose to find new friends, supportive ones and has ignored the nasty friends and carried on with what it is that he has chosen to do.

He woke up Saturday morning extremely excited, happy and very keen to get going. Brad couldn’t wait  to get to the theatre, we had to have him dropped off by 10am and then we had our tickets at the ready for his first performance of the day at 3pm along with his Nan and granddad – he had a second showing of the musical at 6.30pm.

We excitedly arrived at 2.30pm……Yikes our boy was behind the big red curtains….Our boy was on stage.

Tears Of Joy

Words can’t describe how myself and Ian was feeling for him, we was mixed emotions of nervousness and excited. We knew he was OK as he was texting us from behind the stage to let us know he was excited and couldn’t wait to show us all his hard work.

When he stepped onto the stage my heart skipped a beat, I was so proud of him, he has dreamed of this moment for so long and had worked so hard at PQA (Pauline Quirke Academy), the tears started to stream down my face…Tears of joy!

Sadly we was not allowed to take photos during the performance, they did have a filming crew there filming the musical so we have requested a copy for Brad so he will having something to look back on.

On the Sunday Bradley had to be at our local leisure centre for 9.45am, we really felt for him as he was so tired from all his hard work performing on the Saturday. Alarms was set for 8am, he did get up with a huge struggle. He had to be there as he was being presented his official black sash and certificate, his black sash with his name on. He went for grading earlier in the year and passed.

Tears Of Joy


Yes more tears was flowing on the Sunday, I think I can safely say I was an emotional wreck this weekend. I am a very proud mum, a proud mum of all three of my boys.


  1. Aw it is so lovely that your son has followed his dreams regardless of what his so called friends said! No wonder you are a proud mum, I would have been bawling if I had been in your position too!!

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