Christmas Movie Marathon

Amongst all the excitement of Christmas we still like to settle down with a good Christmassy movie and some Christmas treats. We all chose what we’d like to watch, close the curtains, put all gadgets to one side and relax. We all love this part of Christmas. We said that we would have a Christmas movie marathon this Christmas and we did. Here is a list of some of our favourite films we really enjoyed.

Scrooge A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens.

Elf – Will Ferrell

A Christmas Carol – Jim Carrey.

Home alone – Macaulay Culkin.

Santa Claus: The Movie – Dudley Moore.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – Chevy Chase

We all enjoyed cuddling up together and relaxing with a long list of movies to watch, passing the crisps and chocolates round, laughing, and just enjoying each others company, we do love our movie nights and really look forward to them. We even made homemade Christmas pizza to enjoy with one film, we used up some of our Christmas leftovers to make a pizza which was very nice.

It was lovely to have a couple of days off work over Christmas, the work phone got switched off, emails went un-opened it was bliss. We spend far too much time rushing here there and everywhere throughout our working week so we had planned to have quality time together with no rushing around to do and it was bliss. Our favourite channel to watch over the festive time is Christmas24, there is always something Christmassy to watch to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Making time to spend together was the best gift of all this year, we had an open house Christmas night for any visitors to come then we had the rest of the weekend together and it was perfect.

Did you watch any Christmas movies over Christmas?


  1. Every year without fail I have to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol. It’s not Christmas to me until I’ve seen it. This year my husband bought it for me on DVD as he was “sick of downloading it every bloody year”.

  2. Mary Poppins and The Nightmare before Christmas are my two Christmas movies – I love watching them. I have watched Mary Poppins every year that I can remember!!

  3. This was the first Christmas that all 5 of us could sit down and watch something together – it was a lovely evening. We watched Home Alone which I have never seen before – I can’t believe I’ve missed it for 25 years!

  4. I watch Santa Claus the movie every Christmas morning before I do anything, I don’t even get out of bed until it has finished x

  5. Aw I love Christmas films. I’d say polar express as a proper Christmas one and I love Mary Poppins which is ALWAYS on at Christmas and I ALWAYS miss it. I missed it again this year. Think I need to invest in the DVD!x

  6. We love watching movies, especially over the festive season. Some days we watched at least three, many ld favorites and not only Christmas films too.

  7. Elf is my ultimate christmas film and we all loved it. We sat down and watched a few but cannot remember which now

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