Our Bucket List For 2016

As we have now waved goodbye to 2015 and have already welcomed 2016, our plans for 2016 have already started to be made. We have some exciting times ahead and thought we’d make a bucket list and see how we do. Here is our bucket list for 2016.

Fingers crossed we manage to complete it.

  • Bedroom makeovers are desperately needed.
  • Plan lots of fun camping trips in the UK.
  • Hopefully buy our house…..fingers crossed, exciting times.
  • Start my Massage training now I finally have the all clear from my shoulder damage caused by my car accident. I hope to start my mobile  massage business asap now I’ve been given the all clear…..eeek exciting!
  • Grow our social media.
  • Attend blog conferences and meet other bloggers.
  • Enjoy a nice spa day and just relax for a day….bliss!
  • Celebrate Lee’s 16th birthday in Lee style.
  • Visit Barcelona football stadium. This is a wish Lee has had for a while now and we hope to make it happen this year for him.
  • Save really hard for a more relaxed Christmas. We will be making Christmas easier by following our money-saving plan the best we can.
  • To hit London on a massive shopping spree would be awesome.
  • To visit the beautiful Cornwall countryside.
  • Have lots of family fun day trips.
  • To have more family time together.
  • Learn how to relax more is a must this year.
  • Be more organised is something that must be put to the top of our list this year.
  • Reach our target at Slimming World would just be fantastic, our weight loss is currently at a standstill at the moment. We need a kick up the bottom I think.
  • Do a fun charity run is something we have wanted to do for a while now.
  • Have a friends only weekend away.
  • Have an up-to-date family photo shoot. It would be brilliant to update our family photo.
  • Stay positive – Endometriosis keeps knocking me down but I will not let it win!
  • Be prepared to help Lee through the transition stage of starting college.
  • Be more organised in the kitchen and meal plan better.
  • Watch Bradley perform on stage in the West End London.

our bucket list for 2016


We are rather keen to see how many of these we can complete this year. The challenge is now on!

Here’s to a new year.

New challenges.

New dreams.

New adventures.


A new journey.

Do you make a bucket list?



  1. Some very fun things on your list – I hope you get to do them all. I love Barcelona and Cornwall, unsurprisingly most of my bucket list for 2016 is travel related (although with a new house, I have some makeover plans as well) 🙂

  2. Looking forward to hearing how you achieve your goals/ bucket list especially in regards to social media. That is one of my targets too!

  3. These are great plans for 2016 and wish you the very best with them. I have a ton of plans too but afraid to share them publicly in case they don’t happen for me. Happy to keep them at my desk in front of me!!

  4. Your plans are great and are so similar to mine, wish you lots of success, especially with reaching target for slimming world! look forward to reading all about it! 🙂 x

  5. Good luck I hope you complete your list. It’s quite similar to mine! I have a soon to be 16 year old, love Cornwall and am hoping to take my kids to London

  6. Love your bucket list! ESP the post about endometriosis which is my big struggle – I genuinely feel it can make you quite depressed!! But all the pluses on here will bring your spirits right up xxx

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