Preparing For Exams

We remember only to well our school days and the dreaded exams we had to face along with the horrid pressure that came with them. Do you remember being told as a child “preparing for exams should be your top priority” ? We do and we also find ourselves saying it to our children now.

I guess it is said because it is true.

Exam pressure is awful and if not careful can cause:


Sleepless nights


Loss of appetite



And many more symptoms.

preparing for exams

All of which can be avoided by:

Being prepared

Staying focused

Taking the time to forward plan

Being organised

And always asking for help if needed

Taking notes

Checking exam times and being prepared

Preparing for exams

Our top tips to anyone preparing for exams would be:

To eat well

Get plenty of sleep – lack of sleep means lack of concentration

Drink plenty of water


Test yourself or get someone to test you

Take breaks – clear your head and then re-approach with a clearer head

Get plenty of exercise – it’s a great stress buster

Switch off all distractions – TV, phone etc

Seek help from home tutors, one being an English tutor

Making sure you take plenty of time out of revising is just as important because:

preparing for exams

 Exams can seem pointless and boring at the time but:

preparing for exams

For anyone preparing for their GCSE and would like to seek further help and advice there is a free downloadable revision guide to help with healthy study techniques. The guide has expert tips on how to enhance your brain power through exam periods and also advice on sleep patterns and a healthy diet whilst studying.

You can download the Healthy Revision Guide here – Click to download for FREE!

For anyone who is home schooling you can find great support online with Oxford Home Schooling

Wishing anyone taking exams the best of luck, hope you get the results you wish for.



  1. My preferred method was writing bullet points onto cards, reading them onto tape and then listening to the tape when sleeping, walking the dog or driving. No I did not have a car at school, I went to uni at 43.

  2. Urgh, I remember the stress of exams. Looking back on it, it seems an awful lot of pressure to put on kids shoulders.

  3. Oh exams are so stressful! Such a tough time for such young people. I agree with the taking the time out bit, so good to switch off for a bit and let your brain absorb what it has been learning. x

  4. Kian is doing his GCSE’s this year so this is very helpful. I have to admit that flash cards never worked for me

  5. These are great tips! It think sleep and being prepare mental are so important. It’s not nice that they cause so much stress. I really love spider diagrams they really helped me when I was revising for my a levels and at uni.

  6. Flash cards are invaluable, I used them right throughout my A Levels and Degree and wouldnt have managed without them x

  7. I loved the whole revision thing. I guess that may make me strange. Writing things down really helps as did flash cards. I totally agree with the eat well, taking care of yourself and definitely turning off the distractions. Great post and thank you for sharing.

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