Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzle

star wars puzzle

Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzle

We had a few rainy days over the Christmas holidays so this meant for some indoor activities, we played a few family board games, watched some movies plus we also set ourselves a challenge and that was to complete a star wars jigsaw puzzle as a family project.

Bradley started us off by piecing the outer edge first.


Admittedly it took us a few days to complete but that was because we done the puzzle at our own leisure and not in one go, we took the relaxed approach.


The puzzle consists of a whopping 1000 pieces, it features colourful and detailed artwork from the latest film Star Wars episode 7, The Force Awakens. The puzzle is full of detail, we done the puzzle in sections and then pieced it altogether from there as we found that easier to do.

star wars puzzle

The puzzle is of high quality and is made with soft-click technology, meaning the pieces fit together nicely and it was easy to maneuver into place.

star wars puzzle

When the puzzle is complete it measures 70 x 50 cm.

We had great fun putting this puzzle together, it was put together with great team work. Bradley really enjoyed watching each character slowly be pieced together and then slowly watching as the whole scene was pieced. We love family time and family projects that keeps us away from our screens/gadgets and spend quality time together and this puzzle was a perfect project, it was challenging and became addictive.

Bradley loves the finished puzzle and is now asking for it to be glued, framed and hung on his bedroom wall.

star wars jigsaw puzzle

This action packed Star Wars puzzle will be ideal for any Star Wars fan 12 years and over.

Disclaimer: we was sent this Star Wars Puzzle for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  • Great way to spend the Christmas holidays – My Star Wars mad 5yo nephew will love this jigsaw when he is a bit older.

  • Rachel


    That looks absolutely fantastic, I find jigsaw doing so relaxing, unless there is a piece missing, then war breaks out x

  • freddieandi


    Wow this looks awesome, my partner is a sucker for jigsaws and star wars!

  • Zena's Suitcase


    It sounds like an amazing puzzle. It’s so good to do something a little different other than play computer games. It’s a great one for the wall too

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