Teen Style Bedroom

teen style bedroom

Teen Style Bedroom

Lee has been a busy teen this weekend, he has been busy getting creative in his bedroom by giving it a much-needed makeover to create his own teen style bedroom that he has been wanting.

Lee’s bedroom used to be Danny’s room until he moved out and there has been so many changes that Lee has patiently waited to change so we thought it only fair that these changes are now made for him.

Lee’s been wanting to change the wall colour, some of the fixtures and fittings, have a change in layout and get creative with the room putting his style in there.

Lee has a box room so there’s not a great deal that can be done in there apart from try and create as much space as possible. Lee has a good few ideas up his sleeve. He wants to put a TV on the wall, move his bed to a better position in the room he also wants to turn a fitted wardrobe into a shelving unit to give him more storage space.

Once the room is painted and things are in position we will then help him hunt for soft furnishings to help decorate the room that bit more.

Our weekend went a little like this

Friday night

Our weekend started off with a trip to B&Q for Lee to choose his wall colour and to also get the wood needed to start his fitted shelving unit. On our return home Ian and Lee was eager to get started and decided at 8pm at night that they would make a start on the wood-work to the fitted shelving unit. Lee’s room was then Emptied into our room and wood was being cut along with new skirting being glued. Good job we are friendly with our neighbors and they didn’t mind the noise.

teen style bedroom

This used to be Lee’s wardrobe space – not any more, this has now been emptied, all the old frame removed and new added (at 8pm). This is now being painted, shelved and turned into a new spacious shelving/storage space for books etc…..Still in progress!

teen style bedroom


It was an early rise Saturday, we cleaned all wood-work and made sure the room was clear ready for painting. The paint was then opened, Ian and Lee got started with the painting whilst I went off to work, they enjoyed some father and son time with Ian giving Lee some painting lessons, he was shown how to cut-in and roller the walls which he thoroughly enjoyed. Whilst I was at work I done what I do best – internet shopping and ordered the carpet….well it had to be done!

We ordered carpet samples from Online Carpets over Christmas and we really liked the carpet so ordered in the colour and size we wanted. We will have to get a move on now with the painting – I thought this would give us the kick up the bottom needed. We have ordered carpet not just for Lee’s room but for all three bedrooms.

teen style bedroom

What do you think of Lee’s colour choice?

teen style bedroom

teen style bedroom


Lee spent Sunday having a sort out of all his stuff and boxing up what he no longer wants/needs in his teen style bedroom to give to the local charity shop.

What a productive weekend, how was your weekend?



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  • Cathy Glynn


    I love the colours. I’ve never heard of online carpets before, will have to visit them as my bedroom is desperate. I can’t wait to see the finished results x

  • Erica Price


    I do like the colours you picked. Not come across online carpets either, but I like the idea.

  • Rachel


    I love the colour, not too white or cream and not too dark, almost perfect x

  • Zena's Suitcase


    Wow, you guys have been really busy. I can’t see my son doing anything like this. I love the colour too! Good choice

  • Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops


    This looks great, I love the colour. It sounds like a very busy weekend =) I really like the colour of the carpet too

  • Malt chocolate! Mmmm… Now that’s my shade all right. Great to see you have had such a fun, high-energy weekend.

  • I love the colour – my nephew wants his room ‘doing’ and has gone for a similar colour! What a lovely, busy weekend. Kaz x

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