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Unique Gift Hamper

unique gift hamper

Unique Gift Hamper

This year we put an extra thought into the gifts we gave out for Christmas, we wanted to gift people a unique gift hamper that we had made ourself. We sat and thought about who we would like to make a unique gift hamper for and thought about their likes and favourite items.

When out and around the shops before Christmas we would keep an eye out for products that would fit nicely in these hampers.

Hamper one: For a teenage girl.

Lip gloss

Nail varnish

Varnish wipes

Dove products

Sanctuary spa

Face mask


Hair care

Simple – face products

Sparkly photo frame

Unique gift hamper

Hamper two: busy mum hamper

Mulled wine candle

Dove body care

Ferrero Rocher

Face mask

Personalised mug

Gin in a tin

Rose bath confetti

Unique Gift Hamper

Hamper three: hamper for Nan

Cosy marks and spencer socks

Chocolate treats

Champneys face cream

Mulled wine candle

Diary for those all important dates

Sanctuary hand creams

Bottle of Mia wine

unique gift hamper

All the gift hampers have had a lot of thought time and effort put into them, we thought they would make for a better gift this year and be a lovely surprise. We really enjoyed putting these hampers together, it’s like giving lots of little gifts in one.

unique gift hamper


  • Chilling with Lucas


    That is such a lovely idea. So much nicer than just picking a 3 for 2 gift set. I hope they all loved their presents x

  • dearmummyblog


    What a lovely idea! It would be fab to do for valentines and Mother’s Day too! We might just try it! x

  • Rachel


    These are such lovely ideas. I did a hamper for my mister at Christmas and he loved it x

  • We dod something very similar a few years ago! Our whole family received hampers — all filled with the things they love the best! Coffee, cheeses, wine, chocolates, beauty products… they were a real hit!

  • Anonymous


    That is a great little hamper

  • Kerry norris


    These are such a lovely idea. So much more useful and thoughtful gifts that the norm. I love the teenager one x

  • I do hampers for my kids and husband, they are always received so well!

  • These look so great – I did hampers for everyone last Christmas, I really enjoyed putting them together. Kaz x

  • Sonya Cisco


    Self made hampers are such a great idea as you can really add the personal touch!

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