16th birthday

Making Birthday Gifts Fun

Making Birthday Gifts Fun

It was recently Lee’s 16th birthday and we are whisking him off to Barcelona for a tour of the stadium in a way to give him a 16th birthday to remember, not only that but to also share in his interests too which is football. Seeing as we are not booked to fly out just yet as we are still awaiting on passports to be returned back to us as they expired we thought about making birthday gifts fun this year to help make the birthday excitement last a little longer for him.

This year Lee had to earn his birthday gift, not in a horrible way, but in a fun way, doing what Lee does best, he had to play football.

We have a game which is like chess and football in one ( review to follow ) and Lee has to score a goal to then move onto claim a prize.

Making birthday gifts fun

The prize then being a letter, once all letters have been collected it will then spell out where we are going – Barcelona!

Once Lee had all the letters he then had to spell out what it is meant to say.

Making birthday gifts fun

This game mixed with our way of giving Lee his birthday gift was a way of making birthday gifts fun. It was also great family fun along with lots of laughter. We all took turns playing Lee at this football game, Lee thought this was great football fun.

making birthday gifts fun

Once Lee had eventually had all the cards and letters needed it took him a while to put them all in the correct order. It was a great thinking game for him too, but a much better way to un-wrap a birthday gift.

making birthday gifts fun

This was a fantastic way of making birthday gifts fun, Lee now 16 thought it was a great way to receive his main birthday gift. He really enjoyed playing a football game for prizes and he won the match 12-3 so he was over the moon and it was a great birthday all round for him.


  • littlehouselea


    What a brilliant way to give him his birthday gift – and what a gift! A trip to Barcelona! Brilliant. Have a happy birthday Lee!

  • thepunkymoms


    I am a big fan in spending money on experiences instead of things! What a great idea about Barcelona!

  • cvnxena


    this is such a wonderful idea! I love that you make it extra special and even more of a surprise! so cool! plus Barcelona is an awesome place to go to, especially with his love of football!

  • MummyTravels


    What a lovely way to give him the birthday gift. I think it’s always really fun if there’s a bit of a game involved. Enjoy Barcelona!

  • aw what a brilliant idea and a very lucky young man I guess he is now happy you made him spell it out

  • Ana De Jesus


    This is a brilliant idea I have never thought of making children work for their presents but I bet it makes them appreciate their presents more!

  • This is such a lovely idea – my youngest daughter turned 16 in December and we had a trip to Cardiff for her to see her favourite artist. I hope you have a wonderful time. Kaz x

  • nessjibberjabberuk


    What a great way to find out your birthday present! If he’s a football fan he will love Barcelona.

  • Grant R


    Brilliant! You’re such fun parents to give him the gift that way – and what a gift! Great stuff.

  • What a brilliant way to let him found out where he was going. This sounds like it was so much fun and I bet it was priceless seeing his face when he realised xx

  • Rachel


    What a brilliant idea this was and such an imaginative way to hand it over to him x

  • VaiChin


    What an absolutely amazing idea! He must have been chuffed, I imagine.

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