Making The Most Of Our Space

Space in our house is something we have very little of so making the most of our space is very important. Making the most of our space in a useful way is something we are currently working on at the moment throughout the house as we are fed up with everything looking too cramped and over-crowded.

Lee has been busy decorating his room in a more grown-up way. Now that he is 16 he is wanting to create his own personal space into something more unique to his taste and style. He is wanting his bedroom to work whether he is in there studying, relaxing, or somewhere he can have mates to come and play on consoles or watch a movie.

We are currently busy in our bedroom turning it into a bedroom come office. Adding a quiet work place in our home has proven difficult. We have tried all routes possible to avoid setting up office in our bedroom but it seems to be the only place to get the quiet time needed to concentrate. We did try other places within our home such as the living room and conservatory but there was just too many distractions going on with the tv being on, teens friends visiting or I’d sit and see other jobs that need doing and get distracted with those instead of what I’m meant to be doing.

So setting up office in our bedroom has proven to be the best option, it is a private area with no distractions going on. Our bedroom is a good size bedroom and if we plan it right we can make it work very well as a home office come bedroom.

Our bedroom is currently being re-designed to enable us to use the space as we wish to. We have been busy measuring and planning so now it’s time to get our plans put into action.

Are you in need of help with making the most of your space? here is a very short clip starring Phil Spencer giving you some very handy tips!


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  1. I will be decorating my kitchen and my bedroom later this year, and making more storage space is something I will be focusing on

  2. We have very little space too and all three of my children have to share a room which is ok at the moment but as they are getting older, it is becoming more of an issue.

  3. We are in a similar position with the arrival of a second baby soon bedrooms are all being changed round and we are looking for new storage solutions, plus decluttering trying to make space. I am looking forward to going on maturity leave so I can get more done as it driving me slightly bonkers! Good luck with the home office xx

  4. Our bedroom is currently also a music studio and an art / craft area. You have to squeeze functionality out of every last inch in our house. It is possible to do it and keep nice aesthetics. It’s not easy, but it can be done without things looking cluttered.

  5. We have a fairly big space in our house but it’s not very well thought out in terms of rooms and we can’t do much as we are renting. I would love to be able to change it and make the most of our space!

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