StikBot Figures

We have been having great fun getting creative with our StikBot figures. They are social-sharing figurines that are set to give you endless amounts of fun.

Technology plays a huge part in day-to-day life and StikBots will help kids to use their imagination and keep their minds active……It’s also great fun for adults too as myself and Ian found out…yes we are big kid’s!

Bradley attends performing arts college and really enjoys getting creative/acting on stage. He is due to perform in the West End in July and has got to learn how to talk in an American accent for the role he will be playing on stage. He has been practicing his script that he has to learn using his StikBots which has been a great help to him. They have not only helped him with his accent but have helped him with his scripts too in such a fun way.

So Much Fun

StikBot figures

To create a video using the StikBots you just download the FREE APP for iPhone and Android, you can film, pause, edit your clips and even add your own sound effects. To make a video you pose your figures in your chosen position and click on the app, once the picture is taken you then move your figure/figures (you can have more than one in the clip if you wish) and then take the next picture, repeating this process until you are happy/finished. You will only need to slightly move your figure/figures and you can see the previous picture by the shadow showing.

StikBot figures

Fun And Addictive

It does take time to create a short clip but it is also fun and very addictive. We spent time with our StikBots over the school holidays creating loads of different clips. Using StikBots to send birthday messages, mothers day/fathers day messages or even get well wishes could be unique and fun to-do!

Ideas of use for StikBots can be endless, it just depends on how creative you wish to be.

The StikBots unique design allows for easy use/positioning on a flat surface, they have suction-caps on their hands and feet along with a robotic design so that they can be put into position more easily. They can be posed in many ways, and positioned in multiple different angles.

Here is a short clip that Bradley made using his StikBots – Valentine saves the day.

The StikBots would make a perfect gift that requires nothing but imagination!

Disclaimer: we received our StikBots for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. They look like great fun! I’m not sure Ben would have the patience for them just yet but I’ll bear them in mind for when he’s a little older!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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