Sweet 16 Today

Lee, our darling beautiful son, you have reached another milestone, you have turned sweet 16 today.

In our eyes you will always be our beautiful baby that we will want to wrap up in bubble wrap and keep safe forever, but yes you are now sweet 16 and however much we are in denial you are needing us less each day.

You are sweet 16 now and we are finding it so hard to believe, it only feels like yesterday that you were running around getting up to all sorts of toddler mischief and believe us there was plenty of that. Yes sadly we blinked and you are now stood before us a very handsome, smart, caring sweet 16-year-old who we love ever so much.

sweet 16 today

When you was a baby in arms everyone said you will grow so fast and we was to cherish every moment, we never thought for a second it would be quite so quickly.

16 years ago today they placed you in our arms, our hearts skipped a beat where we instantly fell in love with you. Each day you have brought us more and more cheer and happiness. Your smile just melted our hearts and still does today.

Not every day has been easy, we have argued, had disagreements and some days you have driven us crazy but we have always worked things out.

Just remember our darling son that we are always here by your side, you are our pride, our Joy, our everything.  We love you always.

sweet 16 today

Happy sweet 16th birthday

Love you always

Mum & Dad


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