Trolley Bags Review 

Shopping is more often than not something I have to do by myself. This is fine by me until I get to the dreaded checkout and then this is when it becomes a horrid nightmare. I don’t know about you but I always tend to get in a state when bagging the shopping up one-handed. The checkout person always scans faster than I can pack and before I know it I have caused a delay at the checkout. When I saw these trolley bags I thought these are something I just had to try.

I couldn’t wait to try them and see if they would ease my shopping trips. When they arrived I thought they was a lovely size and looked very easy to use. I have been busy putting these bags to the test, here is what I thought…

Trolley bags


When they first arrived my first thoughts was they looked a lovely size – measurements being 100cm x 20cm x 15cm. They also have two long rails  to each bag, these are used to hold the bags in place when in use packing.


The bags are very strong with a strong mesh on the bottom. I have used these trolley bags many of times now, I have had the bags filled to the top on many of occasions and they are not showing any signs of wear or tear as yet.

How to use

Whilst shopping the trolley bags hook nicely onto the hook on the trolley and when ready I then place the trolley bags inside the trolley, resting the poles on top to hold the bags up, I then velcro the bags together to hold them open and simply fill the bags with my shopping.

Trolley BgasOverall

I found the bags much more user-friendly when it comes to packing shopping by myself. I managed to pack my shopping much more quickly, there was no tackling the bags trying to hold them open and pack, plus I didn’t find myself getting stressed and causing delays at the checkout. These bags will be perfect for scan and shop so I may even give that a try next time I go shopping.

The bags fitted perfectly inside the trolley and also stayed open, leaving me free to pack my shopping hassle free with two hands. I was able to pack stress free as I wished!

Trolley bags

Packing Made Easier

The bags even made the un-packing much easier as I have been colour coding the bags as they come in 4 different colours. I use one for tins, fruit and vegetables, Chilled and the other for freezer bits, keeping them all separate. You don’t have to use all four bags at the same time, you can use less if you wish.

Trolley bags are available in two different sizes, as well as different colours. They come in original or express, original size is for the deeper bigger trolleys and the express is for the more shallow trolleys. Both sets come in nice bright vibe or pestle colours!

I just need to remember – The bags are much bigger therefore will be heavier to lift out of the trolley so I need to pack a little more wisely.

Gone are my stressful shopping trips, shopping is now a breeze thanks to these trolley bags. If you wish to purchase a set of these bags you can do so >>> here <<<RRP £17.99

Disclaimer: we was sent a set of Trolley Bags for the purpose of the review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. It will help keep me organised and make it easier to pack the messages!

  2. These are so much sturdier than plastic bags and look like they would not roll around in the boot of my MPV like all other bags do.

  3. I like to separate different things like frozen fridge jars of sauce treats it drive my partner made while I’m fumbling with my bags for life and trying to tell him where to put things this would save so much time X

  4. I have seen these before and wanted them then. They would be perfect for us as we shop at Lidl where scanning items seems to be an Olympic event!

  5. I love the design of these & that they store together so nearly- would be a big improvement on a boot full of messy stray carrier bags!

  6. They look like a great idea. I see your point about them being easy to over fill though!

  7. these would make shopping easier because so far the bags for life aren’t really lasting very well

  8. I love these bags, I’ve seen them around in a few places now I’m sure it makes shopping a whole load easier, especially if you use one of the scan as you shop machines.

  9. Much easier to pack the car after shopping. Sort your shopping at the checkout. Colour coded – perfect.

  10. I’ve seen these and they do look fab and a great idea. I wonder if we would do well with one of these? It may be very useful. I’d like to test it out. Angela at Daysinbed

  11. The bags are great colours and so useful. They are perfect for separating frozen foods or fresh foods and it helps to judge how much you can carry.

  12. They will make me more organised at the checkout and also save me time which is much better

  13. These really do seem like great bags, especially if you’re shopping on your own as you said.

  14. These look really handy for when I’m out shopping, I really like the way they sit in the trolley. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  15. I totally agree about getting into a fuss about packing as the person scans so fast so these would definitely help. Plus seperating out my shopping would be such a great thing as I’d know to do the fridge and freezer bags first and leave the tins and cupboard stuff until last x

  16. I love the idea of colour coding so all the stuff doesn’t get mixed up, would make it much easier to unpack!

  17. These are a great idea, they would help to save money on disposable one’s and look hard wearing

  18. It will save me finding places for them when i have been through the check out as they are already organised and it will save time, easy car packing too.

  19. I tend to shove everything in together- these would certainly save on squashed and bruised shopping, so much easier to put away at home too

  20. I use my own bags when I’m shopping and these would be very helpful. Lovely giveaway, I’ve joined in. x

  21. These would be brilliant! i’m always struggling to pack quickly enough when I shop at Aldi – these would mean that I could just put everything straight into the trolley as usual, but the bags will already be there!

  22. I have wanted these bags for quite a while now but always forget about them, you don’t understand how much I like to be organised lol

  23. I actually work in HR in a large supermarket and I love these especially since the carrier bag charge has come in, would stop a lot of our workers complaining about getting shouted at by customers!

  24. They’ll be a fantastic help by enabling me to get out of the shop much quicker with my little one, that has to be a bonus! Will also make unpacking so much easier as it will be so much more organised. I love organisation!!!

  25. Im really fussy when it comes to shopping I like to put my shopping into particular bags so Ive got say the fridge stuff in 1 freezer in another etc so these will help a great deal. Also some cashiers are just too quick and I always get into a bit of a muddle when trying to keep up with them and put everything in a bag and I like the way they sit on the trolley

  26. I want these because I’m still using my mum’s second hand freezer bags from years ago!

  27. I’m such a control freak when packing my shopping, I like all the same type of products together! So the separate sections in different colours is such a bonus! But mainly, the way they fit in the trolley so perfectly is the best!

  28. I want to be able to stop storing loads of bags in bags in the house and car and have a good set that will handle my shopping rather then stressing over if I have enough bags with me

  29. Will make life a lot easier when packing and also easier to carry xx

  30. Yes. Organisation is its real asset and the convenience of carrying them by kind and arrange your products easily at home adds to reason why it’s better ti have it. 🙂

  31. I have seen these bags before and have read some great reviews. Would be amazing to win.

  32. I use scan and shop at my local Tesco so these would be perfect for that. When I do go to other supermarkets hubby complains that I haven’t packed the bags in a certain order but it’s hard to when the products are flying down the belt towards you! These would help greatly and I could have a set bag for each thing like fruit and veg and one for frozen etc,

  33. I think these would help speed up the paying and packing process, I love that they fit in the trolley and that you can pack straight into them, making it easy to keep foods that are alike in the same place, all the frozen together and fruit etc – will make it easier when unpacking at home too!

  34. will keep my shopping organised and easy to get in the car-and no more pesky 5p carrier bags! 🙂

  35. I will copy the idea of colour coordination – your ideas have given me so much motivation, these bags will make my shopping more like relaxation.

  36. These are really useful! I think these would help me to my shopping in many ways. The first being that I always have to take a huge bag for life that is filled (completely) with other shopping bags. I refuse to pay for cheap plastic bags to advertise the shop! Secondly It takes me forever to pack our bags as nobody ever helps. Which in fairness is because I tell them they are doing it wrong and I will just do it myself. These would certainly make that process of my very precise bag packing so much easier and I could colour code everything like you have on your trip. So my life would be much easier with these for my shopping! (Rant over)

  37. They would make it much easier to pack similar products together, and then much easier to unpack when I get home.

  38. I hate shopping at Aldi because they go to quick at the till and I hate having to unpack and repack everything afterwards, so these would be great!

  39. I hate checkouts, I can’t pack fast enough, I work in supermarket but won’t shop there because I would feel embarrassed packing in front of work mates. I’m sure I would be able to pack a lot faster with these.

  40. we find it very hard not only to remember the bags we have but they keep ripping with the weight of the shopping… these would be so useful!!

  41. I saw someone using these in a supermarket the other day, they looked really good

  42. I always end up with bags piled high. These bags would keep my shopping organised with their uniform shape.

  43. Ha ha, Aldi checkout people. I will keep up with you at last with my secret weapon – trolley bags!

  44. As would mean I wouldn’t pile the bags on top of each other in the trolley

  45. i have a set of these in the small size, perfect for mini/top up shops (they were an xmas present) would love the Original size, as we do a big monthly shop. These would be ideal.

  46. These would help me with my shopping at Aldi, I hate the loading into the trolley, then having to pack it once paid. With these I could pack as its passed through the checkout.

  47. It would save time and effort at the till . No more split bags and broken bottles .

  48. They look quite big so it would hopefully meaning less bags to carry when trying to get a toddler from the car to the house 🙂

  49. My bags always collapse on me at the checkout when I’m trying to be super efficient & pack as quickly as the cashier is scanning. Usually end up giving up & throwing it all in the trolley but with these I could hopefully walk out successful ! 🙂 x

  50. i think these are great iv seen people using them and im really like the green eyed monster with envy like the advert ! they would definitely help me to pack and be more organised instead of just throwing everything on top of each other

  51. I love this idea. It would help me be much more organised and perfect for when I do the scan to shop! My Partner is a little OCD when it comes to what goes in what bag!

  52. These are great if shopping at Aldi or Lidl where you have to put your shopping straight in the trolley

  53. we always forget our bags when we go shopping and id be able o colour code items make it easier to put away x

  54. These would make my shopping trip easier because all of my bags are falling apart, they’re worse than plastic bags at releasing my milk and juice now!

  55. They will help me be more organised with my packing and putting away, the colours will help me separate the chilled and frozen items so they can be put away back at the house as soon as possible

  56. I am quite a new driver with my first car= these would help me save time to load up the boot straight from the trolley

  57. It will help keep me organised with my packing away and the colours would help me keep things separate but know which bag they are in.

  58. They’d stop me getting into a stressy mess at the checkout ,as I shop at Lidl which is a fab shop but there is no space allowed to place your shopping bag so you have to hold onto it and the checkout staff don’t help you pack either. With these I’d be able you use both hands to pack my shopping into them so I’d be better organised inthe way I packed each bag and so ensure that the more delicate items don’t get squashed

  59. These bags would make it much easier to organise your shopping as you go and then it will be organised properly when you come to the check out. Organised shopping is always much easier to pack away at the end of the shop and again when you get home.

  60. oooo these look so handy! I am forever battling with the bags and shopping. I thought these were a myth ha

  61. these would be fantastic, I never know how many bags I will need, and the larger ones will save me about 4 carrier bags. the convenience, onf one small roll, that can accommodate so much, we do our shopping monthly, and so would fill these definitely .

  62. They will save me from having to keep paying for bags that break all the time

  63. I do the weekly shop at 4am each its a pain to carry it out to the car in the dark.

  64. My husband has to do all our grocery shopping … as I am disabled and for the most part, housebound. He is far from the most organised man as he has dyspraxia, but these could really help him packing up the trolley and being in a few strong bags instead of lots of flimsy store bags, this would make it easier for him to put them in the car xx

  65. These would make it easier for me to pack and unpack in a hurry whilst making sure nothing gets damaged!

  66. It will help me keep things more organised as well as making unpacking at home quicker and more efficient.

  67. They will mean I’m more organized at the till and don’t get in a panic trying to unfold various plastic bags I’ve stuffed into my handbag

  68. These would make packing my drinks much easier especially! Most of the time they pierce my plastic bags, tear and make holes which makes carrying my shopping more challenging. Also they’ll keep me more organised when shopping as well as packing my shopping much faster!

  69. These look fab, I could pack as I go and not have to lift them out the trolley until I’m loading the car. With 4 children to shop with, any help is very welcome and these would just take a little stress out of the weekly shopping trip 🙂

  70. I’m loving the idea of packing by colour coding – that would make the unpacking so much quicker and easier.

  71. It would save time with packing and with sorting when I get the shopping home. I’m all for anything that can save me time!

  72. with having to put all my b ags into one bag then spend time at kiosk opening them up and half the time they fly everywhere this would help make process more quick and easy, and with having my daughter who loves to help it would make it easier for her too

  73. Shopping with the little one isn’t easy! These bags would make everything so much easier & saves so much time, especially in shops like lidl where there no room on the ends to pack there and then. I NEED to win these please 😀 haha

  74. It would be really time saving to organise your shopping as you go along x

  75. these would be brilliant for my shop as I am always struggling to keep up with the packing.

  76. I like to separate soft items (bread, doughnuts) from heavy items which will crush them and these look ideal for the purpose.

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