Wicked Uncle

Bradley is a teen who loves to build and create, he will sit for hours on end if given a building project. He loves nothing better than digging out Ian’s screwdrivers and getting creative. We recently came across a website called Wicked Uncle, they offer a fantastic range of products.

Wicked Uncle website offer a fantastic range of products and the site is very easy to use. The site is open to a very wide age group and the products are sectioned off into age/gender group, making searching for products much easier – some may not like this but for us it was so much easier.

There is a huge selection of toys and gifts to choose from, with the products being sectioned off into categories too this made searching so much easier.

Bradley loves to build and he loves science so here is what we chose for him.

We chose Bradley an Air Power Engine Car Kit priced at £18.50.

Wicked uncle

Wicked uncle

Wicked uncle

This is a fantastic and educational kit, Bradley had hours of fun building this car. Whilst building this fun car Bradley learnt all about alternative fuels. This air powered car travels up to 50 metres in 35 seconds – it’s fast, furious and fun!

How cool is that – suitable for ages 10+

We also chose Tin Can Robot priced at £14.95.

Wicked uncle

Wicked uncle

Wicked uncle

This kit leaves loads of room to get very creative with your recycling can. It is also very ecological, the kits contains everything needed to create your very own robotic monster…..Here is Brads!

He had hours of fun creating this little monster – recommend for ages 8+

And for a little family fun we also got a Football BrainBox priced at £10.95.

Wicked uncle

Lee is a huge footy fan so we thought we’d test his knowledge and have a family quiz time. This fun football game is a good way to spend some family time together and see who is the footy BrainBox in the family.

Fast paced footy fun – recommend for ages 8+

We was very impressed with the service from Wicked Uncle, we will definitely be using the site again, and only £2.95 postage too!

Disclaimer: we was given a code to use for our shopping above in exchange for our review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.



  1. It sounds like there’s some really unusual products on the website which is lovely. And I agree, having products by age can make things easier when you browse.

  2. Some great things there, I find buying for older boys really hard. Girls is easy with clothes and make up but my son is so hard to get for this is a great site for him, thanks.

  3. I’ve heard good things about Wicked Uncle, but not tried it. H has lots of uncles though: 5 by birth and 1 by marriage, so perhaps I should point them this way.

  4. These really are cool aren’t they. I didn’t realise that Wicked Uncle did gifts for older kids. My teen would have loved these when he was a bit younger

  5. I hadnt heard of that website before but sounds like its a great one for creative kids who love to build stuff. I love that the postage is only £2.95 which is awesome.

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