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Being a support worker I come across many of families who struggle day in/day out to deliver the care and support for their loved one. I have seen first hand how heartbreaking this can be for them admitting that they need care home support.

People struggle to care for loved ones for many of reasons, this can be due to ill-health themselves, loved ones needing more specialist care than they can deliver, round the clock care needed and so on. Making the decision to put a loved one into a care home can be utterly heartbreaking and extremely difficult.

I have been into families who have all agreed that when a health condition reaches a certain point then that will be the time to look for care home support for their loved one. I have also been into families who have really struggled to accept extra support is needed, it is a heartbreaking situation to come to terms with and it takes time to accept what is happening to a loved one.

Things to consider when looking for care home support

Type of care required – There are many different types of care homes, make sure you check the home caters for your loved ones required needs.

Location – Try and keep your loved one as close to home as possible, that way friends and family can still visit and provide additional support. This will also prevent your loved one from feeling isolated.

Shortlist – Once you have an understanding of the type of care required and the best location for your loved one, start a shortlist to work from of the local care homes.

Quality & standards – Once you have chosen the care homes for your shortlist take some time to look at the reviews of the homes, have a good read through the ones you are considering. Reading through the reviews will help highlight any concerns.

Visit – Once you have shortlisted the homes and read the reviews the next step would be to visit any homes chosen. Take the time to visit these homes, take time to have a good look around, speak with the manager explain your loved ones needs and ask if they can meet these needs, speak with staff, meet the residents, ask their family their thoughts of the home. Try to not rush this stage as it is an important decision to make, most of all do not be made to feel rushed, do not be forced into making a rushed decision, discuss the process with your loved one if they are able to understand, make them feel apart of what is happening, after all it is about their future.

Cost – Once everyone is agreed and you have chosen the care home you feel is the right one for your loved ones needs, this just then leaves the matter of cost. You may be entitled to help with this so it is always best to ask and look in to this. It is always good to ask for a print out of a break down of what care your loved one will receive for the quoted price, this helps to clear up any confusion.

Chosing the best care home for a loved one can be extremely hard, especially when you hear so much about neglect in care homes. Please don’t feel rushed or pressured into something you are not 100% comfortable with, take the time needed.


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