My Career Decisions

Last week I attended open day with mum at our local college, we chatted with tutors and career advisors about the best path to take for my chosen career. It felt really strange talking about and making career decisions, I knew I wanted something sport related but I didn’t know what was on offer.

My career choice is to do something sporty, preferably something football related. I wrote down questions that I was wanting to ask and we headed off to the college for a chat with the right people. I currently play in a football team and enjoy playing, I have always enjoyed football for as far back as I can remember. My dream job would be to become a footballer – pro of course!

So we attended the college open day and got chatting, discussing my options and the courses available that will best suit my career decisions. There was a few options open to me and I found one that I think will suit my choices. The course I had chosen is an educational football development course. This course looks best suited to my interests and offers rather a lot!

It offers me:

  1. Academic development through BTEC sport level 3 courses.
  2. Level 2 coaching badges.
  3. First aid.
  4. Child protection.
  5. Presentation evenings at my all time favorite stadium – White Heart Lane.
  6. Opportunities to play against selected UK/International sides.
  7. Allocated use of Tottenham Hotspur first team training facility.
  8. Elite training sessions delivered by FA/UEFA qualified coaches.
  9. Allocated stadium tours.
  10. Chosen squad to compete in midweek british college leagues.

As you can see for someone like myself who enjoy’s football this is a fantastic course and opportunity – I have applied and I am just waiting now to see if my application gets accepted.

All I can do now while I wait is work hard to get the best grades possible. This course will help me progress academically whilst being part of an elite football programme receiving coaching from highly qualified and experienced coaches who will push me to the top of my ability.

Fingers crossed!



  1. WoW, I remember these days. Trying to map out your whole life at such an early age but it sounds like you have a clear idea of what you want to do and an awesome opportunity. Fingers crossed

  2. Good luck! I am in a similar place of making career decisions – it is exciting and a little daunting – sounds like they had some great advice!

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