Entertaining Teens

Teens can be a tough audience to entertain, nine times out of ten if given the choice of entertainment they’d go for a gadget of some kind. Interaction with friends is mainly done via social media, we are wanting to steer our teens away from this and get them engaged in other ways. Entertaining teens can be tough but can also be extremely fun, we love getting our boys out the house, it’s a perfect way for us to become kids again too.

10 ideas for entertaining teens

1) Get away from it all

We enjoy packing up all of our camping gear into the car and spending a weekend outdoors. We love the way it brings us closer together as a family. We also enjoy being active and adventurous. Most of all we enjoy the quality time spent together as a family gadget free.

2) Visit a place of choice

There is nothing better than heading off out for the day either on a train or in the car and visiting an attraction of choice. We have on many occasions headed off last-minute for a fun adventure and just seen where the kids take us. The boys learnt how to read the underground maps by doing this so it can also be educational for them without them even realising. A fun-filled spontaneous day for all.

3) Theme park

Teens can be thrill-seekers and love nothing better than a high/fast ride. They also love nothing more than dragging us parents on them too which adds to their excitement, seeing us go pale and listen to us scream.

4) Climbing adventure

Looking for something fun and adventurous to do? have bursts of energy? a climbing adventure is a perfect solution.

5) Eating out

A family treat. Let the teens choose a place to head off  to for a lovely family meal out, everyone can relax and share their day with you all. This doesn’t have to be a costly treat as you can change-up shopping vouchers or even find discount vouchers online to help keep costs down. This makes for a lovely treat for all.

6) Local leisure centre

Local leisure centres have some great offers for families, we find racket sports very enjoyable. Our local leisure centre even offers free-swimming for kid’s during the school holidays, this could be something worth looking at. A fun healthy way to spend time together with the kid’s.

7) Bike ride

Do a quick safety check on the bikes and head off for a lovely bike ride. We enjoy a family bike ride along the river, we have been known to cycle for a good few miles before realising. We love nothing more than to pack a small bag with lunch, make sure our water bottle is full, then just see where our bike ride takes us, kid’s leading the way, its great fun.

8) Learn a new skill

We all have that one thing that we’d love to learn. Bradley is brilliant at art, his drawings are fantastic, he has been teaching me his skills…. I will master this one day, no more matchstick men!

Lee is brilliant at football and he’s been teaching Ian some of his skills, we enjoy the kid’s sharing their skills with us they really enjoy it,  it’s also perfect for quality time together.

9)  Bowling

A family day/night bowling is brilliant, it is something that can be enjoyed by all the family. This can also get very competitive too.

10 ) Tie dye kit

Do you enjoy creating new things? if so tie-dying is a brilliant way to jazz up old boring clothes, it’s also a way kid’s can get creative with clothes. The clothes dye kit is great fun, let them get creative and design their own style clothes and have hours of endless fun doing so.


What is your favourite pass time with your children?


  1. These are all great ideas, luckily we aren’t at the teenage years yet! I hate when you see a family out at a restaurant and the kids/teenagers are on their phones or watching something on a tablet

  2. I have a feeling some of these will work for my little one as well 🙂 Great tips.

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