What A Girl NEEDS!

Packing for a holiday can be an ultimate nightmare, I am always being told that I pack far too much in my suitcase when we go abroad but girls holiday essentials are important….right?

One of our best investments was luggage scales, these have saved us loads of times from being caught for extra luggage costs. Having these and pre-weighing our cases has helped speed things up at the airport, saved us money on extra luggage costs and also saved us the embarrassment on having over weight cases.

A girl needs her holiday essentials

Shoes – Ian laughs at me when I try to explain a girl can never have too many shoes. Well they are crucial and help complete the look. I will admit I do have rather a few pairs, but unless I want to face extra costs at the airport I will have narrow it down to 3 pairs, day shoes, flip-flops and evening shoes.

Swimwear – Fun in the pool with the kid’s when on holiday is a MUST, we have so much fun together on the water slides so making sure my swimwear is packed is definitely a must. The kid’s always check mine is packed so I have no chance of forgetting.

Sun protectionThere is nothing worse than getting sun burnt when on holiday, it can be painful and can sometimes ruin a good holiday. Making sure sun glasses, sun hats and sunscreen is packed is high priority. There is nothing worse than looking like a lobster.

Summer clothesYes I spend ages when it comes to looking for holiday clothes, I look in local shops, in catalogs, even online. I always like new clothes to take with me. However I always try to not go overboard, I try and purchase lightweight clothes that are not to bulky when folded, that way I get to pack more clothes……well a girl likes to look her best, especially when on holiday.

Beauty productsThis is one thing that drives the men in my house crazy, the amount of products I like to take with me when we go on our holidays. They laugh and say they take up a suitcase on their own. I can never get on with hotel hair dryers so I like to take my own, then there is my hair straighteners, make-up, sprays, moisturisers, brushes, body wash & bathroom bits, tooth-brush, make-up removers, perfumes, shower products and so on. I have found travel bottles/pots a fantastic space saver!

Ian laughs at me and say’s my case is the bottomless case….well a girl can never pack too much when going away, right girls?

When you think how many products we use every day, it all mounts up as we find out when limited to space and a weight limit.

Extra accessories 

Bags – beach bag, day bag and don’t forget an evening bag.

Camera – well you can’t go on holiday without taking any photos can you?

Chargers – for iPad, phone and the camera.

Adaptors – we got caught out one year and was not impressed when we couldn’t charge our phones.

Insect repellent – best to be prepared.

Travel guides – arrive prepared.

Tickets/travel documents – always have them to hand, saves fighting your case in public looking for them.

Passports – always keep an eye on your expiry date, they have a way of sneaking up on you.

Medication – making sure I have any medication needed for the time scale I am away.

Travel entertainment – I always go armed with a good magazine for the journey and an up-to-date music collection on my phone along with my earphones, I refresh my memory and have another read of the travel guides of where we are heading and plan the fun ready for our arrival.

Yes I have to sit on my case as I never want to leave anything behind.


  1. As many shoes as possible sounds just right to me! men’s holiday essentials consist of a few clothes randomly thrown in a bag and maybe some tech. They’re never going to get the intricacies of our holiday packing! 😉

  2. I did without beauty products for several years which I totally regret now. I could’ve used all the cosmetic protection back then. 🙂 But not too late to get wise. Definitely bringing the sunscreen if i plan to soak in the sun.

  3. I just did a beach vacation so I so agree with all your items. I just wish I could have brought more beauty items in my carry on on the plane.

  4. Hahah that’s sure a lot of things! When I go on vacation I grab just the neccessary so I can be aware of what I am bringing with me

  5. This is a great list of what to pack. Unfortunately I also pack way too much! I tend to pack 1 pair of shoes per day.

  6. That is pretty much what I have for summer essentials too. I have to have my sunscreen. I am a readhead with fair skin. That means I don’t tan, I just burn. So, I do need the sunscreen.

  7. You can’t go out of the house without these in your bag especially if you’re going on a trip to the beach. I make sure I have sunglasses and sunscreen in my bag at all times, nothing is better than protecting yourself for the harmful sun!

  8. Yes indeed! we cant simply go out without one of the things listed above.

  9. I can agree on a lot of your items listed, but I laugh when you say you sit on your case. I can travel for a trip and fit everything in one backpack!

  10. These are all important! I will share this with my girl buddies! I am so sure they will find this very informative.

  11. Great list!!! I never leave home to anywhere remotely cool without my camera!

  12. I have most of the things you have listed. I agree sunscreen is very important this summer season to avoid severe sunburns and other skin conditions.

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