Super 11

super 11

Super 11 

For those of you who follow our blog you will know that one of our teens is mad about football. He plays in a local football team and also attends as many spurs games as he can…Yes, he’s a spurs fan along with his dad. We recently attended the Toy Fair at London Olympia, whilst there Ian got playing with a game called Super 11 and yes, we was then there for a while. We was amazed at the fantastic idea of this game. This game brings together both football and the strategy of chess.

super 11


The Super 11 game is the ultimate football strategy game, this game can be enjoyed by players aged 7+ and can be played by 2-6 players at one time.

How to play Super 11

  • You simply roll the super 11 dice to determine your team colour and who is to kick off.
  • You then set up your own unique team formation.
  • Shuffle you’re defending and attacking cards and then place them face down in the stands.
  • The players can be moved around the pitch in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal movement.
  • You can make a player pass the ball, dribble with the ball, you can even move a player without the ball.
  • You can even make your own exciting movement combinations such as moving out the pitch, pass in a straight line and even take a shot at goal if you dare when in the area.
  • If you land on a super 11 square in your opponents half you will then have to pick up an attacking card as this will help give you an advantage over your opponent by giving a free kick, shot at goal or even allowing you to give one of their players a red or yellow card.
  • When you’re close enough to move into the area and have enough of your turn left on the dice to put the ball in the back of the net, both players must roll the dice to decide whether or not the goal is saved or stands. The attacking player goes first, if they roll a S11 on the dice it is un-saveable but if not the defending player must roll a higher number to save the goal.
  • Players can move all over the board by passing, dribbling and even moving to open positions to receive the ball, you can even try and break through your opponents defence by using a combination of these moves.
  • You can’t go through a player or share another players square.
  • You decide how you want the game to end, this can be via a certain time limit, by a number of goals or however you wish.

super 11

super 11

With our teen being mad about football he really enjoyed playing Super 11, he loved playing the role of a football manager and taking charge of his players. Is your house like ours when a football match is on the TV, do you have loads of shouting at the TV telling the players what they should have done? this is not just our teens, it’s Ian too. They have been enjoying putting their words into action with this fun family game. With Super 11 you will find that no two games will be the same, the game combines exciting elements of skill along with  tactical thinking. This game brings the excitement of a real football match to your own home for all the family to enjoy together.

super 11


This game is also eco-friendly as there as there is not much throw away packaging with this game. The only packaging that is thrown is the plastic the box is wrapped in and the sheet of paper that the stickers are on. The rest of the of the packaging is used within the game, either to hold the pieces nicely/safely within the box after every use or to hold the attacking/defending cards, all pieces are easily stored back once removed.

What approach do you think you will take to ensure your team emerges victorious at the end of the game?

super 11

If this game looks like something you or your family would enjoy it can be purchased on amazon for £29.95

Prices correct at time of posting.
Disclaimer: we was sent a Super 11 game for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  • tracyknixon


    It reminds me a little of Subbuteo which my boys love playing so I know they would love this! They are footie mad! I love the fact it is NOT an electronic game!

  • iain maciver


    the kids and myself would love this game looks good

  • aaron broad


    I like you could play it without needing much space

  • Harline


    That no two games are the same and the friendly Eco box

  • Kim Styles


    It is great that it is agame unlike any other.combining a strategic game like chess with a fanatical hobby makes an educational game attractive to all ages!

  • ashleigh allan


    I love that it is perfect for my football mad soon! I love that it is a strategy game too!

  • Louise Fairweather


    It looks like a game my eldest would like as he is football mad at the moment

  • Jo m welsh


    It looks a good game and doesn’t take to much space to play or store

  • Dadmac


    The figures are neat it would be good if you had a choice of colours

  • Michelle O'Neill


    my grandaughter loves football and i know she would love this!

  • clair downham


    it looks like good fun and my son who loves football will love it

  • Ruth Harwood


    this game looks great for a bonding experience between my daughter and I – she would love it!!

  • Ray Dodds


    It reminds me a little of Subutteo it makes you think strategy

  • lynn heath


    I think that my son would love to play this game with his Grandad, all they talk is football, football, football!!!!

  • Jayne Kelsall


    It’s about time there was a decent game out there just for boys, combines strategy, luck, skill and tactics – just like real football.x

  • Jo Hutchinson


    This looks like a great game and I love it when games have nice packaging to keep it safe for storage.

  • Amanda Walsh (@mandymoo2014)


    I like that it is a game that all 3 if my boys will be able to play, even though they are different ages

  • Kelly (@KellyL_85)


    My brothers used to play these sort of games when we were little, I think my son would like it!

  • aj


    its a game my son would enjoy playing with members of the family.

  • claire woods


    The fact that it’s a combination of football and chess and it sounds like a game you have to think about your next move in order to win.

  • Joanna Kasznicki


    I think that my boys would love this as they love anything sports related

  • Annabel Greaves


    Great game to play with the whole family xxx

  • Danielle Cresswell


    Looks like a great game that involves strategy

  • Adrian Bold


    It looks a great game. It also doesn’t appear to take up much space to play or store it.

  • Niki Clifton


    ilike that the whole family can take part

  • kimberley ryan


    It looks like so much fun, something all the family could enjoy

  • Susan B


    It’s football and all football-related games and activities draw the children in like magnets. Well, in our house, anyway.

  • sheridarby


    It’ s a game that my son would love – he’s football mad.

  • My son would like playing with his friends and great it doesn’t take up much room

  • Karl Borowy



  • Ellen Stafford


    It sounds like a great game that my nephew would love. He is really into football.

  • Pauline Burroughs


    It’s football! Bound to be a hit in our house!

  • Steven Beasley


    Its sounds super fun and a fantastic idea of a game.

  • It’s a different game, but still football related. Be great inbetween games in the Euros in the summer. 🙂

  • Victoria Prince


    I really like the fact you get the little figures as well as cards..etc and the strategy aspect – sounds just up our street 🙂

  • Tammy Neal


    it sounds a brilliant game



    The game looks great, takes me back to my childhood with my brother.

  • jazbaz1986


    This game looks like so much fun. My boys would love it. Thank you so much for the chance.

  • Anita Burr


    It’s great fun Tammy.

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