Very Handy Travel Hacks

There is an art to budget travelling, especially if you’re traveling with kid’s – this creativity is most evident in the resourceful and ingenious ways that parents and travelers make the most of whatever they can fit into their luggage, this is where travel hacks come in very handy.

Below you will find a short video which demonstrates the most innovative travel hacks for hassle-free hosteling.

This is travel inspiration without the perspiration. So whether you’re looking to cut back on costs and add more efficiencies to your packing strategy, look no further as the YHA have it covered in their top 12 hosteling hacks. This is a master class in staying in hostels from those who have it down to a fine art.

Who would have thought you could create a bunk bed cinema or create a speaker out of a mug.

Some great ideas there!

We are loving the look of the multi charger and the fab idea for stopping headphones getting tangled. Some great tips in the video some of which we will be putting in to practice when on our travels next.

I will be the first to admit that I ALWAYS overpack when we go off on our travels, after watching the video I will certainly be taking on board  some of those hacks, what brilliant ideas.

What are you like when you go off on your travels, are you like me and always over-pack or do you travel light?

*Posted in partnership with YHA*


  1. I love life hacks and these ones are great! The button for earrings is so useful, and the bunk bed cinema is genius! I quite like the little cave one too – I always find it difficult to get to sleep when I stay in hostel shared rooms, with everyone else so close, so I’ll remember that one! x

  2. Some cool ideas! I doubt I’ll be staying in a hostel anytime soon but I did stay in them regularly when I was in college. I’ve gotten pretty good at holiday packing, usually keep it to the minimum. I’ve learnt from experience that I usually just end up wearing the same few things that I like anyway, so I just bring loads of t-shirts and a couple of basic jeans and skirts and a dress.

  3. Oh I absolutely love these tips. They are all great. The cinema one is such a great idea. I like the way that you can store your earrings too. The headphones idea to keep them untangled is awesome. I will have these tips in mind for my next trip. Thanks for sharing this, 🙂 xx

  4. I love finding hints, tips and hacks off other people. You can learn so much

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