Unique Soapstone Serving

By having a close family we quite often have a large number of people come to dinner and there is nothing worse than struggling to maintain the desired food temperature whilst serving a large number of people.  We have recently been using soapstone servers to not only help keep our food the temperature needed but to also serve in style. The unique soapstone serving is a  great way to serve platter sharers and adding a little unique rustic touch to our dinner parties which we have quite often.

unique soapstone serving

This is a beautiful re-claimed soapstone serving slab, perfect for serving cheeses, appetizers or even as a mezze platter. Each slab is handcrafted and custom cut, no two pieces of these soapstone surving slabs are the same. Each individual slab has rustic raw edges and a beautiful unique design with attached soapstone feet for easy transportation which is also great for protecting work surfaces. No two pieces of these soapstone surving slabs are the same so measurements will vary. They come in options of small, medium, large or extra-large.

unique soapstone serving

You simply freeze or even place in the oven to help maintain food temperatures that you require, helping to serve food to dinner guests at the desired temperatures needed.  RRP £40

Perfect For Dinner Parties

unique soapstone serving

This oven-to-table entertainment platter is also hand-crafted from USA and made from recycled soapstone. The tray can also be heated or chilled to help maintain optimal food temperatures. This beautiful serving slab comes with a rustic wooden serving tray for easier movement from oven-to-table. Measures 16″ x  8″ x 8″ RRP £58.50

unique soapstone serving

Add Style And Elegance

We found using these serving slabs really helped to add style and elegance to our dinner party, they stayed chilled for around 3 hours when we froze them. When heated they held the heat for the duration of the meal saving us from the worry of side dishes going cold.

Would  you would like to serve up a statement? if so you will find both soapstone items over at Formahouse.

Disclaimer: we was sent these serving slabs for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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