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Exciting Times Throughout March

Exciting times throughout March

Exciting Times Throughout March

Looking back over our  exciting times throughout March we can safely say that we had a busy and fun month, a month full of fun and excitement. Here is a little of what we got up to.

Our month started off with a meeting, not just any meeting but a meeting to start a very exciting journey – Buying our first house. Eeek it is really happening….Exciting times!

A very relaxing mothers day took place, I was told to put my feet up and relax for the whole day so I did, it proved costly as this happened. A little shopping took place…Whoops.

Exciting times throughout march

A fun quiz took place, Lee really enjoys football so we tested his knowledge and had a fun family afternoon.

Exciting times throughout march

We had our youngest niece come and stay with us, she came along to watch Lee play in his football match – it looks like Lee has a little fan by what was caught on video….so cute.

Lee's little football fan. #cousinlove

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We had a fun and exciting stay at Chessington. We spent the night in the hotel and had a fantastic time.

Exciting times throughout march

Myself and Bradley attended the Ideal Home Show, Brad had been asking prior to our visit if we could teach him how to use our camera as he wants to learn more about photography. After a quick how-to-use talk he was our photographer for the day.

Exciting times throughout march

Good Friday was spent in the best place – That place being where we call our happy place – Clacton beach. This is why it is called our happy place.

                        Of course some beach rules had to be made – What do you think?

Seaside rules 👌

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A lovely Easter cake was made, one even the Easter Bunny would agree on – Carrot cake.

Exciting times throughout march

How did you spend your Bank holiday Monday? ours went a little like this – wine, snacks, candles, duvet and movies…..Perfect!

Exciting times throughout march


This is a little of our exciting times throughout March, did you get up to much?

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  • Claire


    Looks like a great month! You cake looks so yummy 🙂

  • Anita Burr

    Anita Burr


    Thank you Claire x

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