Fighting Bad Habit’s

Ian has been a smoker for many years now, he started smoking at a young age and it has been a part of his everyday life ever since. He has tried giving up smoking and fighting bad habit’s but sadly he is finding it very difficult.

He has tried patches, they did help but only for a short while. Ian found it hard when he was out socialising, he is used to heading off outside with everyone for a cigarette but the cigarettes was no longer there. Not having a cigarette to hold is what he found hard about giving up, all of a sudden the cigarette was no longer there.

When out shopping in our local town Ian came across a stall where e-cigarettes was being demonstrated and he was drawn in by them and was willing to give them a try. Ian liked the idea of giving up smoking but still being able to hold a cigarette and have the feeling of a real cigarette.

The e-cigarette still allows Ian to go out with everyone to the smokers area when out socialising, he is still able to have his old routine but without the cigarette and actually smoking. Going out for a cigarette has been part of Ian’s everyday life for many years and is more of a habit for him.

Fighting bad habits is something Ian is currently finding hard but is something he is working on. He has recently been looking at Vapelux to help him give up smoking. Giving up smoking has many good advantages, Ian is making a few self-help changes to help him resist any temptation he might have.

Ian’s self-help list to help with fighting bad habit’s

  1. Thinking positive – remembering from previous attempts to quit smoking and where the temptations was, trying his best to avoid those situations.
  2. Making a promise to himself – he has made the choice to try his best to quit and will be trying his hardest to stick with it.
  3. Thinking ahead – planning ahead to parties, days out etc where situations may prove difficult for him and preparing for them.
  4. Getting the right support – support is important, he will be explaining to people that he is wanting to quit and would like their support.    
  5. Keeping busy – Ian plans to keep busy so he doesn’t get the time to think about cigarettes and if he does then the cigarette will be replaced with an e-cigarette.       


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