Pandamonium Chessington 

Do we have any panda fans? fancy getting up close and personal to a panda then Pandamonium Chessington is the place to be. There is now a brand new show called Pandamonium which is new for 2016. Chessington have teamed up with Europe’s leading special effects and animatronics designers – Millennium FX to create the stars of the brand new show #pandamonium. This show features life-size and life-like animatronic pandas, the show will give you the chance to experience what it would be like to be up close and personal to a panda. If you would like to experience what it would be like to see pandas causing chaos on stage then Pandamonium Chessington is the place to head.

Just how cute is this panda!

pandamonium chessington

The show is located in a new area next to the revamped ‘Trial Of Kings’. The aim of the show is to educate and entertain the audience of all ages. There are four pandas who are the stars of the show and they are so cute and fascinating to watch, their movements and temperament look so real, they are just adorable and totally AMAZING!

The show does entail some audience participation, if you don’t know how to panda bow everyone will by the end of the show. This show will certainly grab everyone’s attention of all ages.

Pandamonium chessington

If you would like to meet these micheviouse and cheeky animatronic pandas then you will need to head to the Pandamonium Chessington. All younger children are encouraged to sit at the front so they get a good view of the pandas causing chaos on stage together.

pandamonium chessingtonAfter all the excitement of the show you can grab a bite to eat in the brand new Smokehouse BBQ restaurant, this is now open and situated in the market square. If you are a lover of pulled pork, ribs, beef brisket and chicken and enjoy food cooked in a wooden bbq pit then you will enjoy the dining experience at the smokehouse restaurant.

Trail of kings…

After the show we went for a walk through the trail of kings area, this has recently been revamped. This is now a lovely open space area ready to accommodate the crowds. Here you will find the homes of Gorillas, Tigers and Lions, you can see them all clearly through the large windows, perfect for parents/carers with wheelchairs and buggies as everyone is able to see. Theres lots here to explore, plus lots to discover as well as a host of interactive features. There is also hidden treasure to find as you walk through the jungle giants.

pandamonium chessington

Still to come later in the year… 

How daring are you? would you like to try sleeping under canvas in the great outdoors? Chessington are offering just that from May 2016, situated next to Wild Asia will be a Glamping site. This will be somewhere themed, comfortable and exciting to sleep, not only that they offer this with heaters, flooring, power sockets, dining table and chairs, WiFi and proper bed’s too….yes proper beds!

How amazing is that?

This is something we would love to try with our boys, these look amazing. It would be so much fun and such a special experience to stay so close to the animals, how amazing would it be waking up to the sound of the wildlife in the morning.

It would be a great way to fully explore with our adventurers, it would give a two-day theme park entry along with after hours entertainment. Plenty to keep everyone entertained.

pandamonium chessington

And that’s not all….

There is still more, are you afraid of heights? there’s an exciting way to find out. Go Ape are launching a high ropes adventure at Chessington to help swing even more fun into action and unleash your inner Tarzan. We really enjoyed our adventure at Trent park so we would love to see if it’s just as exciting.

pandamonium chessington

To help plan your day Chessington have launched a new and free mobile app for android and iPhone. The app has a built-in day planner that will allow you to plan out a personalised intinary. Once you have built you list it will automatically sort and suggest your next attraction so your day is not wasted queing at rides. Getting lost at Chessington is now a thing of the past, the app also has a built-in interactive map that will guide you where you want to go via sat-nav like directions which is easy to use with the in-park wifi.Pandamonium chessington

There is more than enough entertainment here, we spent the night in Azteca hotel, enjoyed a very tasty meal followed by a comfortable nights sleep. We fueled ourselves with a very tasty breakfast for a fun day ahead lead by the kids.

pandamonium chessington

Pandamonium chessington

Having a wild time on the rides, we even braved Dragons Fury and Rameses Revenge.

Pandamonium Chessington

Disclaimer: we was guests at Chessington, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. It has been absolutely years since ive been to Chessington and it looks amazing, wow, and changed a lot since ive been x

  2. That is so cute – I think I’d be right at the front with my daughter watching! Chessington is somewhere that’s still on my list.

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