Sad goodbyes

March for us had a very upsetting start. Sad goodbyes was had. Sadly we had to say a very upsetting goodbye to our very much-loved pet – Buddy.

Buddy sadly passed away in his sleep on the 8th March, he passed peacefully in his bed. He has left a huge gap in our family. To some he was just a dog but to us he was a family member – a very much-loved member of the family.

Buddy has been in our family for just over 10 years, he has grown with our teens and has always been there right beside them.

We couldn’t have asked for a more loving and loyal dog than Buddy, he joined our family bringing so much love and loyalty with him. He brought fun into our lives, even helping us through many of bad days and challenges just by being Buddy.

Buddy was part mischief but 100% a blessing.

We have written a poem for Buddy which we are going to get framed with a photo of Buddy beside it.

Sad goodbyes
Forever our best Buddy

Our Buddy

You came into our lives one day and we loved you from the start.

We never thought back then that one day we would have to part.

You filled our lives with so much joy and happiness, we we’re truly blessed.

The years past and the love grew, you have always been loyal, faithful and true.

Those special memories of you will always make us smile, if only we could have you back for just a little while.

Your love was unconditional, faithful and above the rest. You was just simply the best.

Our darling boy we may be apart, but your paw prints will remain forever in our hearts.

You may be out of sight but your no longer in pain – right inside our hearts is where you will always remain.


Sleep tight our darling boy






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