Why you should change the decor style of your study or dining room

A dining room is perhaps the only true multi-functional space in the home. It’s where your family eats, entertains guests, where the kids do their homework and where you do your taxes. When designing your dining room or kitchen you’ve got to carefully think about the space you have available in the room and space you’re willing to take up with the decor. Sometimes you may have to compromise on the style of your furnishings in order to make the room more practical.

The study is a refuge in the home. Away from the kids, your partner, all the outside distractions; it’s a place where you can have peace of mind, and it’s specifically designed as a place of work. Whether you have dedicated space for working at home, or it’s an area where you do your hobby, the room is seen as an extra bonus by default; it’s not something that comes with most homes and it’s generally quite uncommon.

Why You Should Change The Decor Style Of Your Study Or Dining Room

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Practical family, or bourgeois sophistication?

The theme of the room is dependent on your budget, e.g. you’re most likely going to be unable to afford luxury decor. If you want the timeless family eating area kind of room, the decor is going to be subtle and neutral. Wood is never out of style and remains charming throughout all seasons. New England Oak Furniture has that kind of classic feel, they’re finely designed in an upright manner to support proper posture. The dining table should be sturdy as kids lean, sit and stand on it. A beautiful non-stick varnish sheen prevents stains and spills from forming.

If you’re going for a more contemporary look, metal framed chairs with either leather, wicker or fabric seats and back supports would be your best style option. These kinds of chairs are something you would have if you plan on entertaining guests at a dinner party. Wood is clunky, heavy and built more to last, than express an artistic choice. For a voguish table style, a round glass table would undoubtedly play the part of the centerpiece in the dining room. A glass table is like a whirlpool in the middle of a room, and it draws the life of the party in toward it.

Why You Should Change The Decor Style Of Your Study Or Dining Room

A symbolic study office

There’s pretty much only one sensible way to choose the decor of a, go professional and grandiose. A large, mahogany office desk is not only practical but a symbol of class and power. It’s a reddish-brown timber, a tropical tree in America; it’s a very sought after material for its strength and sheen; due to the abundant natural oils in the wood.

A high-quality bold-colored brocket office chair is usually made out of a very tough but flexible expensive leather. It’s comfortable enough to sleep in, but the design of the arch is straight, so its helps to fend off drowsiness. The Chesterfield dates back to just after the Georgian Era in England, when the Victorian Era of grandness and an imposing nature of decor was coming into fashion.

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