Create your own home spa in 6 simple steps

The daily demands of daily life can all have us craving a weekend break away at a spa. But when our schedules and our bank accounts don’t always allow for that why not create your own home spa, where you can unwind, relax and pamper yourselves. It’s really not as expensive or complicated as you may think so here are our top six tips to setting up your very own home spa.

Lighting & Candles

Ambience lighting is everything when it comes to us feeling relaxed and pampered. The best way to achieve that is by avoiding any bright, overhead lighting and instead using only subtle lamps and candles. With a couple of lamps and candles around the room it will instantly transform any living space into a relaxing and indulging spa type room. Look at scented wellness candles for relaxing scents and looking for candles that also contain essential oils, especially lavender, will have you feeling relaxed in no time at all.

Create your own home spa in 6 simple steps

Linens, bathrobe & Towels

Linens and textiles are really important so if you want to go all out and create real hotel spa type chic why not invest in hotel quality bed linen, bathrobe and towels from a company that supplies directly to hotels, such as Richard Haworth. Filling your home with the best quality linens and towels will ensure that your home spa has a truly sumptuous, luxurious and indulgent feel.

Create your own home spa in 6 simple steps


Shutting out all the noise of a busy day is super important when wanting to create a home spa environment. So look at soothing and relaxing playlists that you can listen to as you unwind. There are some amazing relaxation and spa playlists already available and put together by other people so have a look around online or spend a little time putting together a playlist of your most relaxing and soothing music.

Create your own home spa in 6 simple steps

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a crucial purchase for anyone looking to create a little home pampering environment. Oils extracted from flowers and plants can be found in a variety of products these days from body scrubs and moisturizer to indulgent massage oils. The beautiful scent of these oils provide fantastic benefits to soul, body and mind such as cell regeneration, improved sleep and increased general well-being.

Try to invest in natural oils where possible and then pour into warm water, dip a face cloth the place onto your face and next for five minutes. Afterwards use a towel to dry off and enjoy the new glow to your skin.

Create your own home spa in 6 simple steps

Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is one of the best things we can do to feel totally relaxed and at ease. If you live alone fear not there are a wide range of self scalp massage machines now available on the market, so jump online and see what model you like.

Simple, Affordable Treatments

Look into other simple spa treatments that will have you feeling relaxed, indulged and pampered. It’s so easy nowadays to give yourself a pretty manicure and pedicure and there are so many fantastic, high quality products that you can now use to give yourself a facial and indulge and care for your skin in general. So shop around and indulge in products here and there that you can enjoy at home in your new spa environment.

Create your own home spa in 6 simple steps

What is you favorite treatment?

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  1. I agree. Simple pleasures like this change everything. I love giving myself foot massages even when watching movies at home. 🙂

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