DIY your way to a stress-free bathroom

One thing you learn pretty quickly when you have a large household is that there is never enough bathroom space. When everyone is trying to get ready at the same time, it can be a logistical nightmare, and in an ideal world, everyone would have their own bathroom! But the reality for most families is that you can’t just throw a cool £5-10,000 on creating a new luxury bathroom big enough to handle everyone at the same time. But it is possible to use some DIY skills to make some changes, and get your bathroom working for you in a more efficient way. Check out these simple DIY ideas to improve your bathroom efficiently in just a few simple steps!

Create more space

First of all, the more space you can create in the bathroom, the better – especially when you have a young family that is growing up fast. Think about combining your shower and bath and looking at new combination shower baths instead. Raise everything (cupboards and cabinets) off the ground as much as possible. Using the higher wall space in your bathroom is a great tactic for freeing up room on the floor – and you can also try finding some freestanding baths or sink units if you can find a good deal at your local bathroom store.

Have a home for everything

For larger families, the bathroom always seems to end up looking like it’s been hit by a hurricane when everyone is finished with it. And let’s not beat around the bush – this can be incredibly stressful to clear up day in, day out. One easy solution is to invest in some good storage solutions and make sure that every single bathroom item has a home to call its own. It makes tidying up a lot easier, and once everyone knows where their toothbrushes, shampoos, or towels live, they will become a lot more confident about putting them back. That’s the idea, at least – it might take a while for it all to sink in, however.

DIY your way to a stress free bathroom

Think easy clean

No matter how tidy your bathroom is, it will still need a deep clean every once in a while. And if you have lots of nooks and crannies to clean, it can prove difficult and time-consuming. Your best bet? I would always recommend going for a wetroom style bathroom, purely for the convenience. They are much easier to wipe down and keep clean, and you can leave them to drip dry when you are finished, which should cut your cleaning time by a significant amount.

Improve your washing power

While I’m all for conserving energy and water, when you have busy lives and young kids sometimes you just need a more powerful shower to get them clean! And the trouble is that most modern shower heads have a water-saving device inside them – known as a reducer. Sure, these tiny little devices do save you some money and water, but it might be worth taking it out – just while you have kids to wash. Open up your shower head, and you should see a brightly coloured device in there somewhere – take it out, and your water should flow a lot better than it did previously.

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