Revamping your garden to create a space that’s made for all the family

What does the term ‘family-friendly garden’ mean to you? What should a family garden be like? Well, that tends to depend on what age your family is, doesn’t it? The needs that a family with toddlers will have will be different to the needs a family with teenagers will have. A family-friendly garden isn’t about incorporating a certain set of specific features; it’s about finding ways to make your garden a perfect fit for your’s and your family’s needs. It’s as simple as that.

The chances are that while you want to create a space that your kids love, you also want to ensure that your garden is adult-friendly too. Don’t worry, creating a space that is a good fit for the whole family is much easier than you would think, it’s just a case of being a little more creative, that’s all. To give you some ideas for revamping your garden in a more family-friendly way, below are some suggestions that tend to work well.

Create different zones

Revamping your garden to create a space that’s made for all the family

You know how everyone has their own room inside your home? Well, it can help to create different spaces for different people within your family. Instead of having one large garden area, split your garden into different zones, such as a kid’s zone, a teen zone, and an adult zone, that way there’s something for the whole family. Perhaps you could split your garden into two or three parts, depending on the ages of your kids, creating areas for every age group. For the younger kids, a play area is an ideal way to make the garden somewhere that they want to spend more time.

For teens, an area that they can play sports in, relax in, and spend time with their friends is ideal – if you’ve got an outbuilding perhaps you could create your teen zone around that? As for the adults, somewhere to relax and unwind is ideal. Think beautiful garden furniture – for a unique range of quirky furniture, visit Bridgman today – pretty accessories – bunting, candles, solar lights, etc. – and a cooking area. Different zones could be all it takes to make your garden a space that the whole family loves.

Get the whole family involved

When it comes to how you go about designing your garden to make it more family-friendly, make sure to get the whole family involved. You never know, the kids might come up with some amazing ideas. If you ask the kids what they want from the garden, you can ensure that it’s a space that gets plenty of use. Take all suggestions on board and try to make as many of them a reality as possible.

Make it a usable space all year around

Revamping your garden to create a space that's made for all the family

Don’t make the mistake of making your garden a summer only space. Instead, make an effort to make it a usable space all year around. Wondering how you can do this? If you’ve got a summer-house, make this part of the garden – perhaps it could be a hangout for the teenagers or a playroom for the kids? Perhaps you could add an awning to your deck and a heater so that you can sit outside all year around?

There you have it, everything that you need to know to make your garden family-friendly and to ensure it gets plenty of use.

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