Sweet dreams are made of seams

Do you have trouble getting a good night sleep? This is perhaps more common than most people realise. A lot of individuals go to bed far too stressed through the week. Due to this, rather than quickly closing their eyes, they lie in bed staring at the ceiling, wishing with all their heart that they could sleep. Of course, the hours roll past the clock, and eventually, there’s very little time to sleep anyway.

This can have a tremendous effect on stress in work life, family life and even how much enjoyment you feel in daily activities. Due to a lack of sleep, you will constantly be feeling exhausted. As such, you won’t have the energy to do tasks you need to complete or participate in activities that you enjoy. So a good night sleep is certainly important. But how exactly does one achieve it?

Well, there are plenty of thoughts about how one should tire themselves before bed or relieve stress before they hit the hay. But actually, your best bet would be to make sure you have the perfect bedroom, suitable for a good snooze. There are a few traits to look at here.

Feels Perfect

Sweet dreams are made of seams

The first step is to make sure that you have the right mattress and bed for you. Not everyone feels comfortable on the same type of mattress. For instance, some people need good back support when they’re lying down. If you think this sounds like you, you’ll need a harder mattress than most with only a slight amount of give. Other individuals love to feel like they are being swallowed and cushioned by the mattress. As such, they prefer a memory foam mattress. If you want the best of both worlds, you can opt for half and a half. In this case, the top half of the mattress is memory foam, and the bottom is solid.

Of course, it’s not just the mattress that you need to think about. Every single part of the bed should be chosen to match your desires and needs. You can have a look at different bed designs from producers such as John Ryan by Design. You’ll find plenty of options here, and we’re sure at least one will suit the need for your bedroom.

Don’t Let The Light Shine

Sweet dreams are made of seams

One of the biggest reasons for people not getting their sleep is light pollution. It’s possible that the reason for your lack of sleep is due to the fact that light is shining in through the window. This is quite common for homes in the city where there is often street lights outside the window, not to mention cars passing by.

The answer is to invest in blackout blinds. If you get the electronic variety, you can even make them come down without getting out of bed. Some are completely automatic and can be set to rise at a certain point in the morning. As such, you can completely control your sleeping pattern, making sure you get the number of hours you need.

Soothing Features

Sweet dreams are made of seams

There are certain features that you can get for your bedroom that might help you get to sleep sooner rather than later. For instance, you can think about getting fairy lights for the ceiling. These can be inserted into a false ceiling and twinkle at a slow rate. Some people do find the movement of the lights serene, and it helps them drift to sleep quickly. Others, on the other hand, find them distracting, so it does depend on your general mindset.

Another possibility would be to think about a speaker system in your room. Using this, you can play soothing music at a low volume. Make sure you use a timed plug so that the music switches off at a certain time. Otherwise, it is likely that at some point through the night it will wake you up.

Extra Comfort

Sweet dreams are made of seams

Just like the mattress, you need to pick the duvet that is right for you too. Some people get far too hot through the night. If that sounds familiar, you might want to try a lighter, thinner duvet. This will give you enough cover without the sweltering temperatures you usually have to endure.

Lastly, make sure you are picking the right pillow. Like the mattress it’s about how hard, firm or soft it is. You should test out a few pillows before choosing the one that is perfect for you.

If you take all of this advice on board, you’ll soon find that perfect bedrooms are what sweet dreams are made of.

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