Creating the perfect outdoors space

Since moving house 8 months ago we have only just gotten round to looking outdoors. We have been so busy making the indoor space useable and livable. Now the summer months are well and truly upon us we thought now is the best time to start putting our plans to the outside space to create the perfect multi-functional space by using all the space we have to its fullest potential.

Our garden isn’t overly big but it is big enough for us and our family. With us both working long days time in the garden would be much more preferred socialising rather than gardening. When we do get any spare time we much prefer to use this time spending quality time together and keeping that to-do list to the minimum.
Our plans for our garden are currently in discussion, we have had the gardener/workmen in to chat through our plans and have taken measurements needed.

Shall we talk you through our plans?

Top end: Well we are going to cover the top end of our garden in polycarbonate sheets so then this will create a dry area where we can sit and socialize even if it is raining. This will also give the smokers somewhere to go for their cigarette as we don’t allow smoking in the house at all by anyone. This area will be well-lit with mood lighting and will also have power supply.

Middle: For the middle section of the garden we have decided to pull all the old lawn up (what there is of it) and also do away with the pathway too. The people here before us said the garden used to flood in heavy rain so we are going to make sure we do all we can to prevent this happening in the future. We will do this by digging down and adding better soil and also adding  a drain.

Also in the middle section to the garden we will be adding two planting areas one either side of the garden. These areas will be for plants, fruit and vegetables. This year saw my first attempt of growing my own and I loved it. It has been so nice to be able to just go to my garden and pick my own berries, cucumbers, courgettes etc..

Bottom: For the bottom end of the garden we are going to have a purpose-built/made to measure shed made. This will be unique to us as it will be our very own design. Ian has a friend in the trade who makes them from home, he will come and measure up, chat with us then take our design away and make it for us. This will be the last thing done it the garden, one of the finishing touches.

Also at the bottom end we are saving a corner, this will also be covered and have drainage, mood lighting and power. This will be for our hot tub corner, a perfect way to relax in the garden after a long day at work.

We have been browsing at some patio furniture, Fishpools have a stunning Rattan set at the moment, what do you think of this set?

Creating the perfect patio

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