Is moving abroad as difficult as It sounds?

If you’ve ever been on holiday and told yourself “I want to move here in the future!” then you’ve probably thought about actually moving overseas. However, those thoughts are quickly forgotten once you realise the cost of moving, the friends and family members you’ll have to say goodbye to, and the kids that you’ll force to either learn a new language or make new friends. It’s a tough decision to make especially if you aren’t happy with your current location, and there are times when simply moving to a new house won’t cut it.

But plenty of people move abroad to find themselves, seek happiness and sometimes for their jobs: but is it really as difficult as it sounds? Let’s dive into the issue and discuss a couple of things about moving abroad. At the end of this article, you’ll have plenty of information to help you make a decision, so if you’re close to packing up your bags and leaving the country, here are some thoughts to keep in mind.

Is Moving Abroad as Difficult as It Sounds?

Is it even legal?

The first thing to consider is: is it even legal to move abroad? There are some legal implications when moving abroad and it’s not entirely easy. For instance, you need to check your visa status and you’ll probably need to have a relationship with someone in the country to legally move over. You also need to look at your rights to see if you’ll be covered by things such as insurance. You’ll also need to apply for citizenship in another country which can be a lengthy and complicated process if you aren’t well-versed in all of the law, so make sure you do your research on this step and consider all the legal implications before packing up your bags.

What are you going to do with your old house?

Next, consider what you’ll do with your old house. If it’s just rented then you don’t need to worry about it much, just end the contact at the earliest convenience, pack your bags then leave. However, if you own your home then you’ll need to contact international removalists to help you carry all of your luggage and furniture to your new home. Alternatively, you could simply rent out your current home if you still have family members or friends in your current country that are willing to give you a hand. There are some steps to take before this can be made possible, but it’s generally quite easy and straightforward.

Where do you actually want to live?

There’s no point moving abroad if you aren’t actually sure where you wanna move. Do plenty of research and consider visiting that country for a holiday several times before you ultimately make a decision. Remember that the decision is reversible, but if you sell your home in your current country, it’s going to be difficult to gain accommodation if you decide to return. There are also plenty of other things to consider when picking a country, and they’ll be explained in detail below.

Is Moving Abroad as Difficult as It Sounds?

Do you need to learn a new language?

Learning a new language can be tricky, but it’s generally easier if you surround yourself with the language and force yourself into unfamiliar situations. It’s worth learning a couple of phrases and taking a serious look at the language before you decide to move. The worst thing you can do is move to a new country with absolutely no knowledge of the language. It’ll be difficult to live your daily life and you’ll find it hard to communicate with anyone. If you’re set on learning a new language to move, then make sure you watch as many shows as possible in that language, speak to people and make friends from that country, and ask them to help you practice your new language skills so that you can become fluent.

Are you prepared for new culture and tradition?

Another important thing to keep in mind is culture and tradition. If you move from Europe to Asia, then you’ll be surprised at the number of things that are different. Everything from wearing shoes indoors to how you present yourself politely at a table will be new, and although some people are accepting of foreigners in their country, others can be extremely offended if you take their culture and customs lightly. Again, it’s important to learn about the country that you want to move to before you decide on it. If you’re not willing to follow their traditions and customs, then you might want to consider another country or simply staying at home.

Can you find work in the country?

A lot of people move to foreign countries to teach English. While this sounds like a great idea, it’s ultimately a job that won’t progress very far. Before you decide to move to another country, try and do your best to find a job. It could be something that relates to your current job, you could become a freelancer, or you could even take a gamble to become a travel blogger or YouTube content creator and make money from advertising revenue. Whatever your decision is, keep in mind that you’re starting a new life and this often means you’ll be back at the bottom of the career ladder. Although you’re probably not moving for the sake of money, it’s important to understand that you need an income in order to sustain yourself.

Are you prepared to say goodbye to friends and family?

Lastly, are you fine with saying goodbye to friends and family? Some of us might not have great relationships with our families and could easily say yes to this, and some of us probably hate the idea of leaving our friends behind. Make sure you’re mentally prepared to say goodbye or else you could end up regretting your decision, feeling homesick and hating your idea to move. Keep in mind that just because you’ve moved, it doesn’t mean you’ll never see those people again. Social media is fantastic at keeping the world connected, and you can always visit each other during the holiday seasons.

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