Nurturing your children’s Interests from a young age

Your little ones will have all sorts of passing and fleeting interests and fancies. We should nurture each one. After all, one may turn out to be the interest they follow throughout their lives, developing into a great hobby or even a career. Encourage curiosity. Anything that your child shows interest in is endowing them with knowledge and making them a more rounded, talented and interesting individual. Here are a few ways to encourage your child when they show an affinity to certain subjects.

Nurturing your children's Interests from a young age


The sciences attract the attention of all sorts of children. It’s not all too surprising: biology, physics, and chemistry hold the answers to the endless questions that children pose. Why is the sky blue? Why do things drop to the ground? Is the moon really made of cheese? Nurture any interest in the sciences. Who knows, maybe your child will be the person who grows up to cure a certain disease or find an answer to help with world hunger. Encourage your child’s school to host computer science school trips. Take your child to your local natural history museum. Conduct basic scientific experiments with them at home. Anything that encourages their curiosity answers their questions and makes them hungry to know more will be hugely beneficial to them.

Nurturing your children's Interests from a young age


The majority of children love animals. They’ll want to pet passing dogs in the street. Will watch birds landing in the garden from their bedroom windows. Will beg you to get them a kitten, hamster or goldfish of their own. Increasing your child’s knowledge of the natural world can start with something as simple as succumbing to their wishes for a pet. Owning a pet will allow your child to understand what it takes to care for another living thing. They will learn that animals need love, and attention as well as basic things like food, water, and exercise. Before investing in any pet, make sure that you have the time to look after it properly. They will take up a lot of your time and cash. Alternatively, you can take your child to visit a local animal sanctuary to see other species up close and personal in a friendly and kind environment.

Nurturing your children's Interests from a young age

Visual Art

If your child has a penchant for doodling, invest in art materials for your home. Finger paints, clay, plaster of Paris and other supplies will be relatively cheap and will allow your child to express themselves artistically in their home environment. You can always give a helping hand and ensure that things don’t get out of hand (make it clear that drawing on the walls or floors is a no-go area). Also consider taking them to a local art museum to look at the works of great artists, or show them beautiful pieces online. If it’s rainy out, propose a day of coloring in. Printable works of the greats, like Picasso or Van Gogh are available online and allow your little ones fill the lines with their favorite colors. Alternatively, challenge them to draw something of their own. Propose pictures of them, their friends, you and siblings, your home. Anything that will get their imaginations running wild.

Nurturing your children's Interests from a young age


Some kinds are content with reading books and watching films. They will accept the stories given to them, and that will be that. But some kids will be fascinated with imaginary worlds and realms that they have come up with themselves. They will want to put these into forms that you can understand. Propose that your child makes their stories and narratives into a play for you and your family to watch. If they have siblings, this will keep them occupied for hours. Once they’ve come up with their story, ask what kind of props they will need. You can then supply these or help them to make them. Any creative child will revel in this opportunity. So help them dress up and call the family together in the evening to watch the final production. Congratulate your child and let them know how brilliant their performance was. Don’t be surprised when they land the lead role in the school performance. They’ll be an acting professional before you know it.

Nurturing your children's Interests from a young age


Some children are a little more reserved. If your little one is shy, they might prefer writing stories over performing their internal narratives. So sit them down with a notepad and pen or pencil and let their imagination run free on the page. When they’re finished, sit down and read their work out loud with them. They will be excited that you’re showing an interest in their ideas. Make sure to do different voices for each character and encourage follow-on stories.

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