Upcycled saucepan

We was recently preparing for a camping holiday and whilst sorting through our camping cooking equipment we realised that our saucepans had seen better day’s. Where we have recently moved house our camping equipment is currently being stored in the shed at the moment and things was piled on top of it all and it all got squashed as we are yet to still shelve the shed to store it all better.


Upcycled saucepan

How can we make an old saucepan usable again?

These pans were only cheap pans that we got to start us out with camping, they are pans that we only planned to have for a short while anyway. It seemed a shame to just throw them away so on went our thinking cap……….Now what can we make out of an old saucepan? how can we make an old saucepan usable again?

We are currently making plans to renovate our garden so we thought perhaps turn it into something usable for the garden. We already have an upcycled project proudly being displayed in our garden.

From Crete to herb garden!

upcycled saucepan

We made use of the saucepan, and yes we did manage to bring it into the garden and it is still usable, it may be out of shape and no longer usable by us to prepare our meals but it is still perfectly usable in other ways.

We moved house back in November and now live along the river, we wake in the mornings listening to the ducks quacking and the birds singing it is lovely. Before we moved we had traffic noise so not a bad swap at all.

We would love to encourage the wildlife into our garden so we thought we would do this by adding feeders. This is where our saucepan can come in to be of use.

What we used:

Upcycled saucepan

  • Glue gun
  • String
  • Skewer (to save our fingers)
  • Scissors
  • Copper wire
  • Gloves (to protect us from the heated glue)
  • Apron
  • The old saucepan and lid
  • Tray
  • Ribbons
  • Sparkle stickers
  • Drill
Time to make it: 

It took us roughly about 2.5 hours in total at a rough guess. We made this over a couple of days due to work and education commitments.

How we made the hanging bird feeder

We started off by switching the glue gun on to heat through, this can take a good few minutes. We then done our best to make the saucepan and lid round again.

We then started cutting the string to size – we decided to add the string to one half of the saucepan lid at a time, by doing this we thought it would be easier and less fiddly.

The look of concentration

Upcycled saucepan

Once the glue gun had heated and we had the string cut to size that was needed we then put our apron and gloves on and then started gluing the string to the lid. We used the skewer to help position the string. We added two layers of string as we thought this would look better.

We then repeated the process on the other side of the lid.

Once we had completed both sides it was then time to add the copper wire. This was done by Ian, he drilled a small hole in the centre of the saucepan and then the centre of the lid. The saucepan was then placed on the table with the lid on and then turned upside down. A copper wire was then used to feed through both holes, the copper wire underneath the bird feeder was then twisted to hold the wire in position. Ian then left enough copper wire in the top to be able to hang the feeder on a hook in the garden.

We then added some ribbon to the saucepan.

Upcycled saucepan

There was plenty of ribbon so we added some to the lid too.

And of course something eye-catching and sparkly.

upcycled saucepan

Both of which was glued on using the glue gun.

Ta-da. What do you think?

upcycled saucepan

upcycled saucepan

upcycled saucepan

Old camping pans – What bent/squished camping pans?

Thank you for reading. We would love to hear your thoughts?


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