Disney Princess Teepee

Disney Princess Teepee

Disney Princess Teepee

As some of our regular readers may know, we often have our nieces Lexi & Demi come and sleepover at our house. Being a household of mainly men I really look forward to having some girly fun for a change. We was kindly sent a princess teepee to review on their next sleepover.

Disney Princess Beauty And The Beast Teepee Play Tent

Disney Princess Teepee

With our nieces only being young they instantly wanted it set up as-to-be expected. Luckily enough it assembled rather easily and quickly (less than 5 minutes). With them both being fans of anything princess they loved the design on the Teepee which features images of Mrs Potts, Chip and Belle’s silhouette and rose on a pink background.

Disney Princess Teepee

You simply pop the sturdy coated steel rods inside the dedicated sections of the Teepee cover. Feed the Teepee tie through the hole and tie a knot to hold the Teepee more secure. Once the Teepee is assembled it is 140 cm high and 130 cm wide so is of a good size and both girls could easily stand up inside. The Teepee cover is 100% microfiber and is machine washable.

Disney Princess Teepee

This Teepee makes a great den and is great for indoor and outdoor play. Us girls had hours of imaginative play with this Teepee. In the space of the weekend the girls was with us it was a hairdressing salon, nail shop, fashion stage (even Coco our dog ended up dressed as a princess) to a shop and then a beauty room where we done pretend makeup.

Disney Princess Teepee

In the evenings the girls insisted on having dinner in the Teepee and they loved to play restaurants, then sat reading before we put a movie on and camped out. We added lanterns for mood lighting. The girls have said next time they stay they would like to add a nice pink fluffy rug and pink cushions to make it even more girly. Sounds like they have a shopping trip planned for next time they stay.

Disney Princess Teepee

We did have a Teepee picnic planned over the park but sadly the weather was against us so we opted for an indoor one instead. Once this Teepee was set up it offered us hours on end of imaginative play. This Teepee is suitable for ages 3+ from Character World. Lexi and Demi really enjoyed their sleepover and playing with the Teepee. It gave us all hours of endless fun indoors – it was a no boys allowed Teepee. We do hope to get outdoors with it on their next sleepover very soon.

Other designs currently available are:

Disney Princess Teepee

When not in use it simply stores away back in the storage bag provided or simply stands folded away for quicker use next time. This tent has been great fun for our nieces sleepover.

Disney Princess Teepee

RRP currently on Amazon at £33.80

Do you know someone who would love one of these?

Disclaimer: we was gifted this Teepee for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  • It looks so easy to assemble and is big enough for my two daughters to play inside!

  • Kim Styles


    my Niece and nephew both would I know . Although I can see my daughter getting in there too to do her homework in peace!



    my 4 year old Isla would absolutely love this! im sure her little brother would love to play in there too!!!

  • Hi Tracy. Yes it is a lovely size.

  • Hi Kim. That sounds like a good plan.

  • Hi Amanda, there certainly would be plenty of room for both of them.

  • marie davis


    Madison, my daughter would really love to win this.

  • Good luck Marie.

  • Solange


    My kids would love it.

  • Jade Hewlett


    My cousins would love this, it looks so pretty and fun to play with.

  • Karen Barrett


    Perfect for all my grandchildren when they come to visit Grandma

  • Ren Taylor


    My friends little one has always a teepee and when we go camping she could have her own little play tent!

  • my little girl would adore this, somewhere to escape her smelly brothers hehe

  • Margaret Gallagher


    My neice – a beautiful surprise for her for her birthday

  • Kelly Hirst


    My niece would love this tent, it’s perfect for imaginative play

  • katherine s


    I think my nieces would love the teepee, especially the youngest.

  • Emma Ellams


    My goddaughter would love this, it would be so much for her & go perfectly in her bedroom!

  • melanie stirling


    My niece would love this and she could play with her friends in it or get away from her brother!

  • Kim Carberry


    My girl would love this. She is crazy about all of the princesses x

  • Kim Neville


    My grand daughter would enjoy having tea parties with her friends in this tent

  • amanda kinsey


    my daughter Leila would love this she would have hours of fun in it.

  • My daughter is princess mad and would really love this! 🙂

  • Ruth Harwood


    My beautiful little niece is a great lover of tents and that, playing at house, hiding from her auntie lol! This would be the best pressie!

  • Neha Chauhan


    Would love to win for my daughter! I’d bet she’d have lots of fun.

  • Rebecca Phillips


    My daughter is absolutely OBSESSED with Disney so this is right up her street! She’d love it!

  • lynn neal


    My granddaughter, Bonnie would love to play in the teepee

  • Kay Sherman


    I’d love to win this for my daughter she always loves her own space this would be perfect

  • Zoe Lester


    If I was to win this teepee, I would give it to my daughter. She loves hiding out and loves Disney so what a perfect combination for her 🙂

  • Jade Bremner


    I would give this to my daughter as her birthday is at the end of this month and she would love this.

  • Jemma Webster


    I have two little ones who would absolutely love this . . . they would have hours of fun!

  • Kay Tee


    I have an 18 year old daughter who would love this – I know that’s probably a bit odd!

    I also have a 5 year old niece who would love this too!

  • Caroline Blaza


    I would love this for my Granddaughter x

  • I would love to win this for my daughters bedroom, she would love it

  • Vanessa Richard


    My daughter haylee is in love with the movie beauty and the beast . She works play in this for hours

  • Naomi Williams


    I would love to win for my little girl, she would love this

  • Natalie Crossan


    My daughter Bridie, she absolutely loves the idea of being in a secret safe place 🙂

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