Hosting a Garden Party In ‘The Great British Summer’

I think we’re all a bit paranoid when it comes to the summer garden parties, after all, British weather has a habit of being glorious the entirety of your working week and as soon as the weekend comes to visit the rain starts to pour down – sod’s law.

If you’ve been planning a garden party all week and you come to the weekend to find that you’ve been once again let down by the weather it can put a real dampener on things. That’s why we think you should plan for the worst eventuality, that way, if it rains you’ll be totally covered and if it doesn’t you’ll be laughing!

Here are some of our top tips for making your garden party the best it can be – no matter the weather!

BBQ’s aren’t the be-all-and-end-all

You may have pitched the party to your friends as a BBQ, but as long as they’ve got a burger in one hand and a beer in the other I doubt they’re going to care too much about how it’s cooked.

Making your food over hot coals may be a fun little novelty, but if the weather is dire, you’re going to need a back up plan. Cooking on an indoor grill and pre-preparing some food may be a good plan B to fall back on.

Hosting a Garden Party In 'The Great British Summer'

Get some shelter to retreat to

It’s not really much of a garden party if everyone is sat indoors, so why not get yourself a solution that means you can still sit outside while getting protected from the impromptu showers that may occur. A party tent from Garden Camping would be ideal in this case – there are plenty of options to suit every size of garden and you won’t have to worry about soggy burgers!

Waterproof speakers are a godsend

There are plenty of waterproof wireless speakers on the market and in having some at your party you won’t have to worry about writing off some expensive equipment when the rain comes flooding down.

What’s a party without good music to follow? Create yourself a playlist full of all-time party favorites (or, steal one of Spotify’s many playlists if you’re pressed for time) and your guests won’t care how many clouds are in the air. Make sure nobody is doing a rain dance, though!  

Prepare some indoor games

It may not be the weather you wanted – but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun! Getting some indoor party games sorted and your guests will be too busy having a ball to even take a look out the window. Beer pong is always a hit and probably one of the easiest games to set up.

Remember that just because it may look a little bleak outside doesn’t mean that you have to let it spoil your fun. As they say, a positive mindset is key to feeling happy, so don’t let a little rain drown your spirits – just play a little Singin’ in the Rain and have a ball like you were always going to!

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