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If you have a landmark, special wedding anniversary on the horizon and you are struggling for ideas of what to surprise him with then we have some ideas that you might be interested in. Whether you want to give him something personal that he will be able to keep forever, or you simply want to spoil him rotten, there are plenty of unique gift ideas that will no doubt go down a treat:

A new watch – Whether he appreciates designer watches or prefers something more subtle, a classy watch with a personal engraving is a thoughtful gift. You could get the date of your wedding engraved on the back of the watch or even add a time-related message like ‘I want to spend all of my time with you’ etc.

Jewellery – If he likes to wear men’s bracelets then you could pick him out something that suits his style, again perhaps with an engraving with a special message or your wedding date. Alternatively, if he is a stylish dresser who appreciates a nice set of cuff-links from a luxury jeweler then this could be a more relevant gift for him. There are different ways of incorporating personalisation from having his initials engraved, to choosing a theme that is relevant to his hobbies, or sentimentally linked to your relationship.

A surprise trip – Who says that men do not like to be surprised with a trip away? You will probably know your husband well enough to know whether he will appreciate you surprising him with a trip away. You can plan a romantic weekend break somewhere or you can even treat him to a golf weekend with his friends. You know your husband better than anyone else, so whether a dark London tour looking at each of Jack the Ripper’s victims or sampling international cuisine is more up his street, this will be a day that is his certain to love.

His favourite drink – If he has a favourite drink but it is too expensive to buy other than for special occasions, your anniversary is the perfect time to surprise him with it.

Decanter – If he loves his whisky then why not buy him a beautiful crystal decanter? You can also have a special anniversary message inscribed on some of the beautiful designs and they do make nice ornaments in the home.

Favourite vinyl – Depending on the era in which you met, you could surprise him with some musical memories. Perhaps you remember the music you first danced to, the first concert you went to or simply his favourite band at the time. If he is a vinyl collector you could try and locate the vinyl version of a song. Even if he does not have any way of playing the music, you could frame it for him instead. Maybe you could even write some special song lyrics next to it in the frame to make it even more personalised.

Luxury tie – If he has a nice collection of ties then maybe you could get him a lovely silk tie. You could even match it to your wedding colours, if you had a specific colour theme. Alternatively, just select a high-quality tie that he would never want to spend the money on himself; it is a special occasion remember!

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