Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas

Boy’s bedrooms can be hard enough to get right as it is, but when they enter their teens, they can be a real nightmare. After all, you want them to look and smell half decent, but you want your kids to enjoy their space as well. Luckily, there is a way to achieve all of these things and its something you can read more about in my post below.


Thomas the Tank Engine duvet covers just won’t cut it when the boys get into their teenage years. Of course, they’ll probably have some ideas about the way that they do want their bedrooms decorated, especially, as they become something of a retreat space from the rest of daily life during the teen years.

However, it is essential that you also get some input on how your teen boys rooms are decorated, as some can tend to go for darker colours that make a space look smaller and dingier.

Instead, it’s always a good idea to go for white walls and add in some bright and masculine pops of colour with things like these blue roller blinds, as well as more mature plain or striped bedding.

Wall decoration is another option here too, and if you have some nicely framed pictures on the wall, it can keep the posters to a minimum. Something that can be a godsend for any mother that wants her home to retain some sort of cohesive style.


Mess is something else that it can be challenging to get a handle on in your teen boy’s bedroom. In fact, there are many mothers all over the UK right now lamenting the fact that their sons can’t seem to hit the laundry basket with their dirty clothes, but would much rather throw them on the floor.

Of course, there are some ways that you can encourage your teenagers to be less messy. One is to provide them with enough storage that clothes, school books, and collectables can be stored away and out of sight, yet still be in easy reach.     

In particular modular shelving units with baskets work partially well here.  Especially as they are often available in many neutral colourways, with the option of choosing baskets in shades that will compliment the room well.


Whether we like it or not, technology is a huge part of our son’s lives, and with this being the case it is necessary to integrate this into their bedroom space.

How you do this may differ on what their preference for tech is. For example, if they are a console gamer, it may be worth installing a TV set up so they can play in the comfort of their own room whenever they like. It is also something that means you don’t have to miss out of Coronation Street or Eastenders because they aren’t at a save point when playing in the communal space too.

Genius Bedroom Ideas For Teen Boys

Adding in a desk space for a PC and laptop is always a great idea for homework as well, as it can help your son’s room become a useful and practical space that is essential to their lives.

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