As technology advances, more and more devices are added to make life more convenient. One such advancement is the smart door lock. These locks provide homeowners the ability to access their homes with a smartphone instead of fumbling around for a key.

As with any technological advancement, with the benefits and convenience, there are also some drawbacks to this device. It is important to understand both the pros and cons of smart door locks before making the decision to have one installed.

Pro: Convenience

The greatest convenience of a smart door lock is that it can be easily connected to a smartphone. This allows the homeowner to check whether their door is locked or unlocked whenever or wherever they wish. Homeowners can easily find a locksmith that can install the system for them.

Pro: Remote Opening

The homeowner can also open their door with their smartphone from their vehicle when they need to bring in groceries. When kids get home from school, the babysitter arrives, or any other friend or family member shows up when the homeowner is away, they can be let in easily without leaving a hidden key around the yard.

Pro: Smart Home Syncing

Many smart door lock systems can be easily synced with the other devices in a smart home. This can allow homeowners to control their lights, locks, and various other devices in the home with their smartphones. If they use a digital assistant in their home, they can lock or unlock their door hands-free. This can also increase the effectiveness of a security system and keep that smart home safe.

Con: Cost

One of the biggest drawbacks of having a smart door lock installed is the cost. These locks, depending on the type and features, can cost between $150 and $300. There is then the cost of installation and any maintenance for the device. This is considerably more than traditional locking systems for a home.

Con: Power Loss

Power or Wi-Fi outages, dead batteries in the lock, and dead batteries in the smartphone are all issues that can make it impossible for a homeowner to lock or unlock their smart door lock. If the homeowner forgets or loses their smartphone while out, they may not be able to access their home.

Con: Security

Smart door locks are about as secure as traditional deadbolts. Although it is difficult to pick or break a deadbolt, it can be done, and the smart door lock is no exception. In addition, since the system is accessed over the internet, there is a potential for hacking. Cyber attackers can access the entire home if the Wi-Fi system is not properly secured.

Some people also complain that these smart lock systems are bulky and unsightly. Fortunately, there are more discreet versions becoming available that may please some homeowners. There are even systems that have a longer battery life—some up to a year.

There are even some systems that still offer key or code entry for various problems that may prevent using the smartphone to unlock the door. A secure Wi-Fi, monitoring battery life, and keeping current with software updates can help to keep these locks just as secure as a traditional lock.

These systems are quite convenient and really appeal to younger homeowners that enjoy the benefits of having a smart home can bring. Homeowners should weigh the pros and cons to best determine if a smart door lock is the best option for them.

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