What happens when a passenger becomes the victim of an accident? Can they sue the driver of the vehicle they’re in? What are their rights regarding compensation? Many injured passengers have a lot of questions and concerns after an accident.

They may not realize their options for seeking fair compensation and may not know who to turn to for help. Sometimes, injured victims need to seek help from an attorney so they can learn what steps are necessary to get started.

Passengers Are Never at Fault

Injured victims must understand that, as a passenger in a vehicle, they can never be held accountable for an accident. The driver of a vehicle has the sole responsibility of driving with due care. They must drive safely and according to the rules of the road. Hiring an attorney will help victims to understand all they need to know regarding abogado de accidente.

Because an injured victim can never be held at fault, it entitles them to full compensation for their measurable damages. When someone becomes an injured passenger in a vehicle accident, they may sue multiple parties, including the following:

·         The driver of the vehicle they were a passenger in

·         The driver of the other vehicle

·         Both drivers

·         Local authorities

·         The vehicle manufacturer

What Are the Rights of Injured Passengers?

Injured victims have certain rights afforded to them under the law. When a car accident occurs, it is imperative victims understand their rights and learn how they can be protected at all times.

One of the most important rights an injured victim holds is the option of getting legal counsel. In most cases, it is wise for injured victims to seek a consultation appointment with an attorney.

Injured passengers also have the right to pursue fair compensation for their measurable damages. Economic measurable damages may include the following:

·         Medical bills

·         Future medical bills

·         Lost wages

·         Disability

·         Household costs

·         Costs for canceled trips and changed plans

Non-economic measurable damages may include the following:

·         Loss of enjoyment of life

·         Pain and suffering

·         Mental anguish

Sometimes, injured victims can also seek punitive damages that are meant to punish the person who caused the accident. Not all states allow punitive damages.

Seeking Help from an Attorney Is Critical

It can be difficult navigating through the waters of personal injury claims. Although not all accidents require legal help, those with serious injuries or complicated liability issues usually need at least some degree of legal intervention.

Injured victims should at least seek a consultation with an attorney before making any major decisions in their case. Consulting with an attorney will offer help in understanding the options that are available and what steps should be taken.

An attorney offers many services to their injured clients. The peace of mind received from getting legal help is important for those who are dealing with mental anguish after an accident.

How Will the Attorney Help?

First, an injured person needs to schedule a consultation appointment. During this appointment, the victim will discuss their injuries, how the accident happened, and any other pertinent facts.

Injured victims will need to be prepared to answer any questions asked by the attorney. The attorney will need to know as many details as possible to be able to offer sound legal advice.

Attorneys take over all the steps involved in pursuing a personal injury claim. With car accident claims, the first pursuit is typically the at-fault driver and their insurance company. Negotiations between the attorney and insurance adjuster can sometimes be lengthy, but the goal is a fair settlement offer.

If the negotiations are proving unfruitful, there is the option of suing, but the victim must file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations has passed. The statute of limitation period varies, according to state laws, but is typically one to four years.

Injured Victims Need an Advocate

When an attorney is hired, he or she will become an advocate for the injured client. The attorney fights for the rights of their client and works towards obtaining the highest compensation available under the law.

The attorney will gather evidence and work towards proving liability in court. They will file all the paperwork necessary for the lawsuit and oversee their client’s case from start to finish.

Pursuing an injury case takes time. Although many personal injury claims are settled outside of court, this is not always possible. If the attorney feels a lawsuit will benefit their client, they will start the process as early as possible.

Do Not Wait to Seek Legal Help

It is wise for injured victims to seek legal help as soon as possible after their accident. Important evidence can sometimes become lost or forgotten when victims do not seek immediate legal assistance. A personal injury attorney will often work on contingency, which means the injured victim will not be forced to pay any fees or attorney’s costs unless they win their case.

Hiring an attorney early on in the process will help to ensure they secure all evidence. It will also prevent injured victims from making mistakes that could end up costing them a fair outcome. The attorney will take over all the steps involved in pursuing fair compensation, whether inside or outside of court.


Dealing with the aftermath of a serious car accident can be stressful, especially when the victim is a passenger and had no control over the events. Injured victims need to make sure they do everything possible to protect their rights.

Getting help from an attorney may seem intimidating for those who have never sought legal help, but attorneys are there for their clients and offer emotional support along with their services. When an injured victim hires an attorney, they are more likely to experience a fairer outcome, with less stress, than they would by going through the process alone.

Those who have been injured because of a driver’s recklessness or negligent actions should seek a consultation appointment right away. Getting started now will offer direction and peace of mind.

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