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There’s something truly terrible about the moment your alarm goes off. Just like that, you’re dragged from a peaceful sleep by a loud, and entirely unwelcome wake-up call. It’s a recipe for anxiety, that leaves many of us wired, groggy, and frankly dreading this moment every single morning. For obvious reasons, that’s no way to start the day. 

The good news is that, despite how unlikely it might seem, it is possible to love your alarm. And, taking steps to achieve that goal could well see your morning wellness soaring, as well as the rest of your day.

This love needn’t even be as tricky to come by as you believe., After all, when you think about digital alarm clock history, it’s amazing that you can rely on a device to wake you up at all! Instead of spending the entire time wanting to chuck that clock across the room, then, consider the following ways to love it for the marvel that it is. 

Find a sound that soothes

Many of us choose harsh, sudden alarm sounds in the hopes that they’ll wake us up faster, but you’re never going to embrace your wakeup call if it keeps dragging you from sleep kicking and screaming. 

By comparison, studies have shown that gentle, melodious alarm sounds could be all it takes to fend off that groggy morning feeling. That’s because these gentler options wake us gradually, allowing our bodies to adjust before we’re alert. Luckily, most alarm clocks these days provide options, with some even allowing you to Bluetooth your own songs. So, there’s no excuse not to wake up in a way that you love. 

Kiss goodbye to your snooze button

The snooze button is the only part of the alarm process that many of us love. Unfortunately, your snooze habit is the tease that ultimately leads to that fuzzy morning grogginess you want to avoid. That’s because your body keeps trying to go back to sleep when it simply doesn’t have time to do so, making you more tired and less willing to face the day. 

Start every morning with something you love

It’ll be tricky to love your alarm if all you have to look forward to in the morning is work. Even if you love what you do, there will be days where you’d rather just stay in bed! That’s why, ultimately, learning to love your alarm is about changing your morning habits. Instead, you want to start each day doing something you love so that your alarm becomes a notification of joy, rather than dread. Something small, like taking the time to make a cafetiere or read a book, could see you smiling as soon as you hear that sound, rather than pulling the covers back over your head.

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