The world has encountered plenty of sharp and sudden changes over the past year. One of the most significant is many people switching from the office to remote working. This has immediately allowed them to slow their lives down. They needn’t deal with the hustle and bustle of the tube. They don’t need to cope with high-speed traffic on the motorway. But while this situation was forced on them, there are other steps you can take to slow down that are your choice, and doing so can help you reap the mental and physical benefits. 

Ditch Your Smartphone 

Smartphones are useful, yes but they’re also a massive time drain, and also not great for our mental wellbeing, either. Wherever you look, you see people’s successes, and this can make you wonder whether you’ve done as much as you could. But, we should know by now that this is only a chapter in other people’s stories. It doesn’t tell the whole picture, so you shouldn’t waste your time stressing over it. Instead, think of ways to replace your smartphone and engage your brain instead. If you’re partial to a puzzle, options can include, and if not, there are always plenty of books for you to check out. 

Stop and Appreciate 

If you feel like your entire day is a whirlwind that only stops once you’re under the covers, you need to take a step back and consider if this works for you. Chances are that it doesn’t. So what can you do instead? Sometimes, slowing down is as simple as stopping for a second and appreciating the world around you. Breathe in the fresh air, watch the clouds float across the sky, or be happy with your home. This only takes a minute, but it can ground you better than a lot of other things in life. 

Write About Your Day 

Experts say that writing down your experiences is one of the best ways to help you get perspective. Rather than allow thoughts to swim around in your mind, you get them onto paper, and this makes them less abstract. It makes them real. From here, you can look at behavioural patterns and make changes, and you can also look back on the good times and feel happier. 

Start Your Day Earlier

A lot of people will wait until the very last second to get out of bed, especially on those dark, cold winter mornings. However, while you might be toastier for a little longer, you also risk needing to rush out the door. This is a terrible way to start your day, so wake up and get out of bed earlier. This will give you the chance to ease into your day with meditation, yoga, or a relaxing breakfast, and you won’t be late to work or school ever again. 

Take It Slow 

Humans were not designed to go as fast as they could whenever possible, and failing to slow disown means you risk burning out sooner than you’d like. You don’t need to stop entirely, but you can slow your everyday pace and take it slow, take it easy, and give yourself the chance to breathe and recharge. 

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