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Over the last year, people have spent a lot of time in their own homes, unable to do much because of lockdown. Now that the end of restrictions is in sight and summer is just around the corner, you’re probably looking for a bit of a glow-up in your home. 

Read on for seven ways to brighten up your home for summer. 

Get some greenery

Plants and flowers can bring colour and vibrancy to your home. Whether you choose large pot plants or vases full of flowers, it will make you feel happier just looking at them. 

Choose your greenery based on the amount of light they’ll get, and how green-fingered you are. What do plants need to grow other than this, is space to grow, water and sunlight. If you’re not sure of your ability to keep pot plants alive then go for a hardier variety. 

Create space with mirrors

Large mirrors are great for making your home look larger and brighter. They reflect light around the space too. Go for big, bold mirrors, or even a large floor standing one if you have space. It will instantly change the dimensions of your home. 

Get statement rugs

Redoing your entire floor might not be within the budget, but a bright, bold rug is just as good and can change the entire look of your home. Large area rugs can introduce new colours and themes into any room, which you can then tie together with a few accessories. 

Change the curtains

Curtains can make a room look bigger or smaller. Long, dark curtains can really draw a room in, whereas a lighter, more breathable fabric can really open it up. If you’re concerned about not being able to block out the sun when you’re trying to sleep, you can install a blackout blind underneath them. 

Move your furniture

Sometimes just moving your furniture around can completely change the way you feel about the space. If your house has too much clutter and furniture, try to get rid of a few pieces. Don’t put tall pieces of furniture near a window where they can block the path of light through the room. 

Paint your woodwork

If your property has white doors, radiators, and skirting boards, it’s easy for these to become very dull without you noticing. Sometimes, a new coat of gloss on these white surfaces can completely transform the freshness of your home without having to completely redecorate each room. 

Use white lightbulbs

If your lights give off a yellow-tinged light, then it can make your home seem murky and dim. Swap them out for white LED bulbs which give off a brighter, cleaner-looking light. 


If you’re craving a brighter, airier home but don’t have the budget for a complete overhaul, then its time to get creative. By changing a few key pieces and being clever with your use of light and space you can transform the feel of your home entirely for much less. 

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