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How do you make yourself more motivated to get and stay fit? Without the motivation or drive to do something, you will give up. Or, you might carry on plugging away, but you’re not really trying. Look at your job as an example; are you motivated by anything at work? If you’re motivated by promotion, you’re likely to start working harder because you have something driving you. If you have no motivation at work, you kind of go in and don’t really bother trying or caring. 

The same concepts apply to fitness; if there’s nothing motivating you to get fit and stay fit, you’re hardly going to keep at it. So, it all boils down to the initial question – how do you make yourself more motivated?

Find your ‘why?’ 

Why do you want to get fit? What is the underlying reason for this? Finding your reason to do something is the best way to increase your motivation – particularly when fitness is involved. Are you motivated by the need to look good? Do you have a particular event coming up that’s motivating you? By asking yourself why, you instantly start to realise why you’re going on this journey. Then, you have that thing to focus on and think about whenever you start losing motivation. Go back to your ‘why?’ and you will always stay motivated. 

Educate yourself

It’s easier to remain motivated when you know what you’re doing. Educate yourself on health and fitness to understand more about working out, nutrition, and so on. You could take a health coach training course, become a personal trainer, or just do some online research. It’s up to you, but the knowledge you gain can be so motivating. When you understand how things work and what you need to do to get results, it’s so much easier to stay in a fitness routine. Not only that, but your knowledge lets you produce better fitness plans for yourself, yielding better results. In turn, this motivates you further as you can see clear evidence of improvements!

Document your progress

Progress reports or meetings at work are designed to keep you motivated and on course for results. The same can be said of things like progress photos when working out. This is one of the many ways of tracking progress, giving you visual signs that your work is paying off. Think back to your reason for working out and getting fit, it will help you choose the best ways to document your progress and stay motivated. For instance, if you want to get stronger and lift a certain weight, you can easily track this by noting the weights you lift each session. You should see an upward curve as the weight increases, showing that you’re making progress. This is extremely motivating as you want to keep working hard and making more progress!

The moment you lose motivation is the moment your fitness goals start slipping away. Whether you work out at home or in the gym, you need to stay motivated. With the three tips above, you can find your fitness motivation and make it bigger than ever before. 

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