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When you have a room that you want to do a complete makeover on it can seem like the biggest task in the world. There is so much that you’re going to need to do it will be so worth it in the end. It could be that you want to turn your spare room into a nursery if you’re expecting or you might want to turn your junk room into a home office. This could be from working at home due to the pandemic or simply starting your own business and needing a place to work. There are so many different possibilities and reasons why you do a complete room makeover but here are some tips on how to make it as easy as possible and to make sure it all goes smoothly. 

Starting off

When you are completely getting the room and wanting to start fresh the first thing you need to do is figure out if there’s anything in that room that you want to keep. Be sure to really think about it and make sure you’re going to use the items as a lot of people go through things and keep them and never use them. Then they’ll be there for years to come just gathering dust and cluttering the house up. So once you have chosen the things you want to keep and then you have all the stuff left that either needs to be chucked or recycled then you will want to look at getting help from a house clearance service. This way it’s less stressful for you and they will be able to take all the items away in one go and recycle the things that need to be recycled so you know that it is still being disposed of in the correct way.

Building the character

When you think about decorating the new room the best thing to do is use a base that is neutral whether that’s wooden flooring or light Beige or grey carpet paired with very light and plain walls. By having a plain base in the room you will be able to build on top of it to create a character, this will be from art, photos, curtains, and home decor. So if you want to change the color scheme or re-decorate in the future you don’t have to completely redo carpets and walls, you just need to do textiles and the interiors. It will be a lot more cost-effective in the long run as well. Then all you need to do is enhance your home environment and enjoy it while you make memories to last a lifetime.

Unwanted items

When you are decluttering the room and getting ready to get rid of a lot of the rubbish and any old items, be sure to check through first in case there are things that are intact and in good condition that can be used for charities or those less fortunate than yourselves. By doing these simple steps you will be able to transform your room with ease.

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