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Picture a snowball rolling down a hill, getting bigger and bigger as it goes. Yes, it only starts off small, but the momentum it picks up means it grows and grows almost without any effort. The great news is that you can harness this effect when it comes to making positive changes in your life and kicking bad habits to the curb. Keep reading to find out how. 

Snowball your exercise habit 

One of the most effective ways to use the snowball technique is when it comes to building up a regular habit of exercise. Indeed, starting very small, by getting off the bus at a stop early, walking on your lunch break, or even doing just 5 minutes of yoga in the morning before breakfast can with time and consistency snowball into much more sustained practice. 

In particular, starting small with exercise means you get that instant hit of adrenaline because it’s so easy to achieve your goal. Once you get used to this and are used to building at least some activity into your day, moving on to larger and more substantial goals like doing a 30-minute class or a couch to 5K becomes so much easier. 

Snowball your smoking habit 

Of course, when it comes to smoking the snowball effect we are looking for is to reduce our consumption with a view of quitting altogether. However, because of the addictive and habit-forming nature of nicotine, the thought of going cold turkey can be enough to put smokers off from trying to quit. 

Luckily, the power of the snowball can help here too, as it’s entirely OK to start small and build up your ability to resist over time. Indeed, many people in the process of quitting smoking will begin by cutting out one or two cigarettes a day, and once they have built their confidence, increase this number. 

Others may choose to use intermediary products such as vapes which provide the sensation of smoking but contain far less of the dangerous chemical of cigarettes. Such supplies can be bought from an online Vape Shop, and you can even get liquid with different amounts of nicotine. Thus allowing you to slowly reduce your nicotine consumption and build your confidence that you don’t need to be reliant on this substance. 

Snowball your overeating habit 

Overeating is something that many of us find so easy to do. After all, if something tastes good, it is natural to want to keep consuming it. Traditionally, the solution for overeating and the weight gain it causes is to go on a restrictive diet. Unfortunately, such ways of eating can do more harm than good. 

Indeed, by restricting the amount of food you consume, and limiting the types of food you allow yourself to eat, it sends the message to the brain that food is scarce, something which can contribute to eating more than you need, rather than helping you to achieve a better balance. 

Instead, a better approach is to start small by tuning into your body, and stopping when you feel full. In this way, you can begin to develop a much healthier relationship with food that over time will help you to develop a healthier mind and body. 

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