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Although DIY projects can have some advantages, sometimes, it is cheaper to pay a professional. This is particularly true when you have no prior experience executing that task. Over the years, there has been an increase in DIY projects due to the perception that it is cheaper. On the contrary, statistics indicate that it can cost as much as £3931 to repair mistakes caused through DIY. Indeed, that is on the high side, and below are some other ways DIY could cost you more.

Increased risk of significant damage to the house

According to news reports, the UK recorded a staggering number of DIY projects during the 2020 lockdown. The trend continues, and unfortunately, more households have ended up causing more damage to their dwellings because they attempted to fix things themselves. The propertyreporter.co.uk reported that homeowners who tried loft conversions ended up causing structural damage to the tune of £20,000.

Furthermore, out of the 12% of the population who attempted fuse box repairs and replacements, 9% of them experienced some fire incidences. The right thing would have been to contact a local electrician, but perhaps, homeowners assumed that might be more costly. Indeed, they were proven wrong when they failed to seek the services of professionals to attend to critical repairs and replacement works.

Increased risk of injury 

Did you know that DIY accidents and injuries take a toll on the NHS? Studies conducted from 2017 to 2020 indicated that it costs £222m annually. In other words, one out of six individuals who attempted highly skilled projects without expertise got injured. The sad part is their injuries ranged from moderate to severe. The statistics also showed several causes of injury. While some fell off ladders or burnt their fingers, others sustained deep cuts that required stitching. 

Additionally, persons in this group mainly were under the age of 65. Also, millennials were the most affected and the most at risk. After that, 60% of injured persons admitted to losing at least a day from work. The prevalence of DIY injuries is rife, and for this reason, you are better off committing these projects to a professional.

Repairs from a failed DIY is expensive

How ironic is it that the very reason you attempted a DIY is the same thing that brought about more cost! Unfortunately, many households have learnt their lessons the hard way. Therefore, if you are yet to attempt a DIY, know that the ultimate cost that awaits you may be four times what you would have paid a professional the first time around. There is an 85% chance that you will fail some DIY projects. Examples include plumbing, electricals, boiler repairs, and structural enhancements.

A search on the internet will show you that the least you will pay for failed DIY work in any of these areas is £4000. Undoubtedly, that is just a ridiculous price to pay, especially if the COVID -19 pandemic has already hurt personal finances.

To conclude, sometimes the best choice is the professional. You are better off erring on the side of caution than ignorance.

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